Why We Must Be Proud To Be Indians Even Amongst The Dera Sacha Sauda Chaos

Posted by Ashu Ash
August 26, 2017

The hearing of a case pending for 15 years, on this Friday (August 25), caused social unrest which resulted in a death toll to 32. The inefficient working of Haryana government is being critically evaluated. The BJP government is being questioned. The chaos has shaken the nation and is the topic on fire right now for every news channel. With so many negative aspects for the Indians to think how people follow these self – styled babas, are we appreciating the victory?

The judiciary system of India has made a bold decision making us all proud again. The judgement of the sexual assault case against the Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Ram Rahim, is a victory for those people who were forced to follow him, for those victims who suffered because of him. But most importantly a victory, it is the triumph of justice. First, Jagdeep Singh showed immense courage even after the pressure from public and government. Moments before the court hearing, there was a slight fear that because of the pressure the judge might change the decision, but Mr. Singh didn’t fail to revive the faith in justice by being adamant.  This is surely a huge win for justice in India. A simple letter could lead to the conviction of a criminal. In addition to that, it’s the judiciary which is making us believe that we can still hope for a better India. After the decision Haryana sacked Deputy Advocate General Gurdass Singh Salwara, who was caught on camera holding Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s bag after his conviction. This is surely a huge step in bringing equality. The courts demanding answers for the chaos in Panchkula also gives hope for the better working of the government.

Take a moment to be proud of the fact that the judiciary system in India still has scope for decisions which are not affected by pressure and corruption. And pray that these “followers” of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh get back into their senses and peace prevails.