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Women Empowerment

Posted by Saurav Saha
August 10, 2017

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Nowadays women empowerment is taken into account as a befitting trending discussion over the priority topics. If we start with the motion, the overall conclusion comes out to be a complete mess and we will be in the midst of the golden world.

Before indulging and making ourselves familiar with the topic, we should first acknowledge the importance of women in our lives!! That’s a pretty “known-unknown” statement ..!! You all must be in a bamboozled state to gulp down the quotation … So before proceeding further, let me clear off all your incertitudes … It’s a known-unknown situation because we all know the fact that without them our total sum comes out to be nil but still act as if like we are the only score makers!

Now let’s move a step ahead with emptying up our jars full of assumptions and eliminating the perceived rumour which we recount as our way of thinking.

We often come across the phrase “word of mouth” which comes to us in a way that women are the desirable targets to be attacked with male chauvinism, imperium, hegemony and all the regarding stuff being practised over the times throughout the world. Is this the only reason why the topic “women empowerment” has succeeded in taking up the limelight …??
The replication waves in favour of repudiated form. Although it has the foremost share but not the overall percentage! The resistance forces are
Female foeticide, not providing up with suitable platform, putting the kibosh on girls education and other going on bucket list which achieve failure for dominance category to capture the inclusive proportion.

Now taking a long step forward and finding out “what is to be done which is never done” (brickbat). After all, at the end of the day, it’s what matters the most!
So the only way out is to overcome our ego and buckle up our arrogance towards a woman and exposing off their calibre to the world! But hold on a second …. Do we come under this category?
The majority cannot be counted under this bracket but minority do come under this bracket. There is a psychological issue among all, no one can stand by someone’s progress but definitely get a platform to comment on the people’s regressive state and causes a saddening reason for the development of society. Empowerment means giving power to someone and empowering women would accelerate society’s growth because they are the creatures who have shaped our personalities as being our mothers.

It’s been high time and still not a day late and a dollar short, so revise up all your wrongs and be the person to make it right. Even dogs can understand that when we look at them and then stare at something, they turn their attention to it. So why can’t we grab our tickets to sensibility and drift the status of women from last most pedestal to the first most pedestal. Is this arduous to retort back? I leave this upto you! Therefore sprint your horses and apprehend to adjudge your thought process!

By : Saurav Saha

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