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Youth & adhaar it is.

Posted by Aresyn Shaw
August 17, 2017

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The major counter argument is that teenagers are not mature enough to make informed choices about political matters and consequently may not exercise their voting power responsibly.There are two main arguments in favour of lowering the voting age. Firstly, citizens who do not vote don’t​ count. Secondly, there is a better opportunity for early political socialization of young people whilst they are still subject to compulsory education as they are a captive audience.


  • Elections play a vital role in a system of representative democracy. Youngsters who are involved in the electoral process affirm their support as well as acquire a stake in the system and an appreciation that they, too, can affect politics and policy.


  • Media channels can encourage the youth participation in debates along with older members of the body .


  • A platform needed to encourage and lit the fire of meaning of true democracy in a national channel or via using Internet .


  • Sensitive issues should also be judged and youth participation is must needed . E.g : section 377 , marital rapes .etc.

Introduce Mandatory Voting
the most controversial, means by which to assure high turnout, both overall and among young people.

  • Election commission of India should encourage informal polling stations with the help of IT sector , aged 14-17 years .
  • To voice their needs against the corruption , their security , future of jobs , expectations . Campaign should be organized in form of an attractive PPT , movie clips , neutral comments on the works of various parties existing in India.


  • Due to awareness and improvement in technology and advertising , youths indulge in social networking and YouTube where shows should be organized  and that should be royalty free. Eg : AIB (on government issues )


  • Support Mock Elections
  • Youths are the assets​ of future of a country.

  • Make the Issue a Priority
    Task forces can be established to bring together young people, scholars, policy researchers, administrators, and representatives of youth organizations to identify various options and devise the most appropriate strategies to overcome the problem.

  • Including IT and youngsters could be the ace of freedom of speech , liberty of positive actions . Voting of youngsters with Adhaar,which could be more fun and engaging  , just to see who wins !
  • Our country is still suffering from illiteracy at a high level , youths are dominated while we celebrate the 71st Independence day ! We’ve let down the revolutionary youngsters who fought against the autocrats i.e Bhagat Singh , Khudiram Bose , Surya Sen , the revolutionaries, who fought for country’s Independence  in hope of a better , free future , independent , safe lives for future India but alas ! Lastly being the renowned democracy in the world , we’re the slaves of ourselves.

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