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Youth and Politics

Posted by Projit Sana
August 13, 2017

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We all know about the participation of youth in Indian politics. The younger generation is certainly not interested in voting . This is because they are voting day as holiday and no one wants to miss a holiday. They also don’t want to enter into the vicious cycle known as politics. They don’t perceive elections as a fundamental right and exercise their power. The Election Commission can take several steps to ensure participation of GenX

  • Lower the age of contesting elections. If you are mature enough to make life decisions, certainly you can contest elections. It will strike a chord with the young adults and they would find a purpose to vote seeing one of their own fighting.
  • Political parties should try to pass over the baton from the veterans to the novices as the younger generation is certainly not interested to see an old man or woman representing them.
  • EC should try to hire college stars to convince them to vote by posting in social media.

EC should also provide sufficient merchandise such as t shirts and wrist bands showing voting spirit amongst the youth

Hope this could motivate the youth to change India as they would be representing India in the coming years.


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