Youth Ki awaaz

Posted by Abhay Sharma
August 13, 2017

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With the industrial landscape becoming competitive more than ever, the aspect which has taken up a more pivotal role is the trade of talent or the way it is famously called – War for Talent. Another truth which is staring the organizations in their face is that the traditional and steady generation of workforce is going to retire soon to make way for the fresh and dynamic generation of millennials, who are their natural replacement. In such times, with the ‘talent pool’ becoming more of a ‘challenge pool’ for almost all organizations across sectors, the fight for attracting and retaining the right talent has become fierce amongst companies. It all boils down to how the workplaces/ organizations make themselves an attractive proposition for this next generation of workforce, i.e. millennials, with the idea of not only getting them onboard but also making them stick around. Millennials have the capacity to bring about organizational upheavals for the betterment of the brand. Be it to accrue more ROIs or increase the sales footprint of the company- they indeed have the guts and the flair to carry the organization on their shoulders with aplomb. They are definitely the future sales leaders who need to be groomed, but in a progressive work environment. It will thus, not be wrong to say that this next league of leaders and their loyalty is hinged upon organizations providing them the amenities and becoming a workplace which entices these millennials.

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