5 Tools That Can Help You Become A More Organised And Efficient Writer

Bloggers, authors and novice writers, we all want the same thing. We crave for our work to be admired. Moreover, we want our articles, books and studies to be published in important publications where many readers could access them. However, if it was that easy, why would only a few writers get published regularly?

Well, it’s a matter of efficiency, productivity and resources. Combine these three elements, and you’ll observe significant results. However, today we’re going to focus on the importance of resources in any writer’s activity.

You’re resourceful when you know where to look when you come across difficult situations. You’re resourceful when you can improve your productivity by 100% – only by making simple changes in your work.

Want to be more productive, efficient and resourceful right now? Have a look at these five vital tools that’ll help you get published more often on the blogs that you submit to:


Grammar and spelling mistakes are going to damage your chances of getting published on most platforms. First of all, put yourself into the evaluator’s shoes – would you agree to publish a post that will annoy your readers? Secondly, please realise that a professional writer never submits half-written articles.

Grammarly is an amazing app that finds and corrects your mistakes. Use it right after you’ve finished writing. Once you edit the first mistakes, you’re one step away from ending the proofreading process. This saves you time and makes sure that your content is qualitative.


An awesome writer doesn’t complicate words and sentences. They write simple terms while explaining facts and ideas so that everyone can understand. Well, you can use this writing app to guide you towards that path.

The HemingwayApp shows the ‘readability score’ of your text. It gives you a grade and suggestions to improve that grade and therefore make your text more pleasant to readers.


In order for your pitches to be remarked, you should do some research about the most trending topics in your niche. With BuzzSumo you can see what’s going on around social media. You can see what type of content people share the most. Take that information and build an article around it.


Toggl is an extensive time-tracking tool which really makes you question the difference between busy and productive. You can add tasks, set timers, start/stop, and most importantly, analyse the way you spend your time.

The tool will help you track down the time you spend researching, writing, proofreading, and editing. Once you get real-time feedback about your activity, you can optimise your actions in order to improve the outcome that you crave for.

Outside Help

In order to get published, you often need to impress the editor you’re approaching. To do so, you should craft and gradually improve a ‘writer’s resume’.

In this CV, you should include all of your works, accomplishments, and other significant remarks. I’d suggest checking out professional resume writing services that would provide an opportunity to both choose the best service available and avoid fraud.


In order to boost your chances of getting published on a regular basis, you need to focus on your writing and promotion activities and add bits of efficiency and productivity by leveraging your resources. An aspiring writer who wants to get their articles published, helpful digital writing tools are the most important resources that you have to take advantage of throughout your content publishing journey.

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