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September 19, 2017

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Hello humanity enthusiasts!

The annual chance to log out of self-interest and focus all your energy on giving back to society, i.e. Daan Utsav is back again! But not to worry, #DaanUtsav- joy of giving week (2nd-8th October) is not a celebration where you have to find the cure to the common cold (although if you are on that, please continue) nor is it some great task where you need to go to the remotest of villages and successfully teach a language.

Daan Utsav is a celebration of the simple acts that celebrate humanity and spread joy among people

A quick search articulates that ‘humanity’ is the word for the qualities that makes us human. Qualities such as the ability to love and have compassion, to be creative, and to not be an emotionless robot. Humanity is, in essence, the kindness that springs from human nature. So why not embrace this often untapped side of us for one week this October?

This Daan Utsav, promise to utilise the opportunity to do collective good. Not to worry if you have not been able to plan an event or activity to celebrate the joy of giving, because it is never too late to be kind ! Here are 7 simple ways in which you can celebrate #DaanUtsav-the joy of giving week:

  1. You could call a few friends and clean up the local park- give the bhaiyyas who work tirelessly in the sun a break.
  2. You could really sit and pay attention to your nana-nani’s stories. It’s time we acknowledged that their incredibly long lives are most probably filled with incredibly rich experiences.
  3. Simple acts like giving the helper at home a paid day off can bring so much joy.
  4. There must be peons in your office/school- sit down with them over lunch, learn their life stories!
  5. Volunteer at an orphanage or at a home for the elderly- they can never have enough hands on deck and you can always show more compassion.
  6. Copy some moves from the movies if you want- give that Munna bhaijaadu ki jhappi’ to someone working hard without any recognition.
  7. Help the rag-picker children and help them collect waste in your locality.


There’s a million options for those who want the joy of giving on a large scale too. For Daan Utsav has seen auto-rickshaw drivers, media personnel, CEOs, homemakers- all come together to give their time, money, resources, or skills back to the society in harmony. Work on finding the best stories about the joy of giving and submit to the ‘Stories of Giving’- spread your good experiences by sporting a #HappyDot.  

Let us cease to be robots in this world, and only think of others for one week.

Let us unify India in kindness, thoughtfulness, and humanity.

To know more log on to-  www.daanutsav.co


Written by: Pooja K Kumar


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