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before being looked as an innocent minority communit ,Rohingya are being looked as muslims

Posted by Sarika Singh
September 10, 2017

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what an irony , all are born the same way but are destined rather made to live differently !
Feeling pity on the Rohingya community , googling which they are described as stateless people , the one which was even denied the right of citizenship ,Described by the United Nations in 2013 as one of the most persecuted communities in the world . Now once one is born in a soil , one looks that soil as ones mother land , and the state as ones protector , and what happens when one is being discriminated against in that very soil . One of the reasons of becoming a refugee besides an attack of natural disaster is that when one is forced to leave ones nations to escape war or persecution . I really think its an irony when you are not safe in your own country and have to look your neighbours home for shelter. This proves the failure of government and more than that failure of mankind , failure of we people who claims themselves human . Why did it happen that a community in your country planted the seeds of negligence?. Why could they feel ignored and not equally privileged? There is a huge need to look at the social structure of Myanmar . The neighbouring nations can only forward the helping hand and that’s surely a solution to manage the crises but in long terms only State has to hold the responsibility . Responsibility of not only managing the refugee crises and providing an immediate relief to the community but also responsibility to change the mind set of people which is the very source of origin of all humanitarian crises. Not only in Myanmar but in the entire world this responsibility should be held by the other nations . Lessons should be taken . Loss of human resource which is the backbone of any nation will be disastrous.

Now  what is disturbing me more is that no sooner did the issue of Rohingya’s came to the lime light than the swords of Hindu Muslim started rising on each other . What an irony ! We people are so much trapped in the mind set . Yes i do agree  that decision of India is right as National security is a priority , but i also strongly appeal to the world to not to look every innocent refugee as a threat to the national security . There is a strong need to look at the human side of the issue. Its very important to keep the faith of people alive in humanity . It proves the weakness of any Nation when its any minority community is bound to feel insecure , neglected , and underprivileged. Its feeling insecure to such an extent that its leaving its own land and looking for shelter in the neighbouring states , means they no more trust their own Government . And when i discuss the issue being neutral that is of no religion , i am in no time being dragged into a discussion of Hindu vs Muslims , people in no time bombard me with questions of what happened during the case of Kashmiri Pandits . And i find myself reluctant enough to change their mind set . When there was an issue against Kashmiri pandits i had the same kind of concern as i have today . I never could able to see an innocent as a Hindu or as a Muslim , it was just an innocent.


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