A ban on triple talaq

Posted by priya saini
September 13, 2017

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We all are aware of recent decision made by our country’s top court that tripple talaq should be banned . Recently supreme court has banned the instant talaq. There are four or five judgements where the triple talaq provision has been authorised as invalid . Triple talaq continued to be the most common method of divorce .

According to the public concern it should be banned . Because there are many peoples who are missusing and violating this law of triple talaq in a continous manner . There is a case in which it has been proved that people are missusing this law. Let me give the example of a case of Madhya Pradesh where a women who did not wake up when her husband  returned late from the office when she was asleep she received talaq three times by her husband . She was informed later on by her mother in law .

The triple talaq simply raises a question that why muslim mens have this power and their wives can only rely on this ?

The answer is ” according to quraan ” “triple talaq ” is that in which reconcilliation which means both the parties can involve in a peaceful talk and solve the matter in “ninety days “. The objective of ninety days of triple talaq process is such that ” if there is a little expectation of reconcilliation which is still in their marriage can help in resolving the issue “. We people are only seeking that the supreme court should lay down the procedure for triple talaq based on talaq-e-ehsaan method .

If the supreme court does not take this decision then its a huge injustice with the muslim wives . If triple talaq should n’t be banned the exploitation of women’s rights will brutally be done by muslim mens whole life . Several muslim women were forced to accept the triple talaq law owing to pressure from certain elements with in society .

There are many cases in which triple talaq has been exercised one is already mentioned earlier the other one is so famous and controversial that of “shayra bano”.  She filed a ” PIL”in the supreme court seeking a ban on triple talaq . She was just 37 years old a post graduate from kashipur . She was claiming  that she was made to six abortions by her husband who forced her to take pills which get affected on her health , the mother of two children said that she wants the custody of her children who are still with her husband .

I believe that the conclusion made to the banning of tripple talaq by supreme court is absolutely correct because the people are missusing it in a way such that it should be banned . It should be banned for protecting the rights of muslim wives . If this does not so then the muslims mens keep continuing their powers to destroy their wives and the whole community .

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