A Dog Taught Me What Humanity is

Posted by Geeta Rahul Sharma
September 20, 2017

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I love animals when they are dead!  Yeah,  that’s a feeling of most of us. We support murders of those voiceless and relish them served on the Dinner table with a tinge of spice and flavour.

The above statement held true for me until I lost my one year old Indie pup. His name was Bhaalu. I loved to call him Bhalle. I never knew that I would get so attached to his activities that I would start missing him.

I missed feeding him. I missed playing with him. I missed giving him a bath and so much more that I can’t even express. I still do because he is no more among us. We have no idea where he left us for. I cried,  I sobbed and couldn’t sleep for a month tossing and turning all night. I wanted him back so badly that I even got superstitious. I went to a woman to know if I could get him back. This was my desperation.

Soon,  the practical reason unfolded. The dogs of our locality are victims to trafficking and so was my poor baby. The people of Nagaland feast on dog meat and for all the valid reasons,  he must have reached there. A dog never forgets his home. This was the most probable answer. I complained why why why would people eat these loyal companion? Someone then said to me,  “The way you savour other meats, they love dog meat,  simple”. These words opened my eyes.

So true!! How can I curse someone when I am one of those brutal murderers who like to enjoy a sumptuous meal with flesh of innocent creatures.

That’s my tribute to my dog!

The violence that happens against dogs should stop,  the violence that happens against other animals should stop. Have you seen an animal shed tear? It will melt your heart that you can never forgive your soul.

Let’s go green and save the innocent companions who probably know humanity more than we do.

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