A letter to the fellow Indians !

Posted by Amritha Kannan
September 18, 2017

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We are living in a society where criminals are being politicians and innocent public being the victims!

A person in prison shall compete in an election ,but a voter cannot vote from the prison!

We are not selling our votes  for some hundreds or thousands , but actually we are idiotically mortgaging our own rights and liberties for those  hundreds or thousands!

The so called “We” involves not only illiterates but also people like educated doctors,engineers,teachers,etc!

The actual shame of our nation ,I think,lies at this point!

We Indians are very well scientists, excellent professionals,extraordinary at intelligence, but we are allowing ourselves to get fooled!

Quite funny,right?

I knew that we all are aware of the above said issue,but the point that is to be noted that we are not taking any measures to reform!

Even from the most fundamental thing like receiving birth /death certificates ,we are bribing!

We just want that our work should be done fast!

Unless we change our habit  of bribing, we are not going to have any reform in our society!

I have shared my words of frustration on our society!

Your views are also welcome!

Plesae share your views in the comment box!

Thank you.

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