A New Job in the stream “Trolling”

Posted by piyush jain
September 14, 2017

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According to Cambridge Dictionary “someone who leaves an intentionally annoying message on the internet, in order to get attention or cause trouble”. Asks, Mr.Dadhich who just apply it.

A new job in the market, the only job which doesn’t take much time, easy to process, highly contagious, can be used with a rudimentary understanding of social media.All it takes is either some hatred or understanding of berating someone you don’t even know.The Individual who was waiting to get 3 to 15 lakh in his account (Can’t even hold 2 lakh without permission). This job of trolling is a boon for him now.

Some say’s trolls are the voice of intolerant Indians, some say it is a part of democracy to have healthy arguments.(Healthy could be debatable)

Trolls were good to the point when People were argumentative and know how to censure.But as the time pass on, People start getting anonymous (May be the absurd argumentative guy/girl don’t wanna come in front of the light), and these anonymous has now changed into a huge army of perpetrators of the democratic principle.We all accused the regime of carrying out the propaganda through social media, I blame ourselves, Getting enough education to understand what’s wrong and right, we still lose focus on the topic we don’t know ever existed.

Watching evening debates have become painful, where even the loudest voice couldn’t find its place.Debates start with the discussion of Govt policies ends with Hindu-Muslim divide. Mediator, now the winner at the end, with one liner “We couldn’t find any conclusion on this topic today”.

“They say we need Gandhi. I say no, otherwise he had to start from the scratch again”

But blaming only our country would in bad faith, Talking about the geopolitical environment, The Right wings are in their prime.People are getting misinformed ended up choosing the wrong side. The right news is nowhere to find, Is there a climate change or not, Is North Korea really going to nuke or not, Is Donald trump a right guy or not, where should I speak about it, if I am not even aware of my own stand.Then comes the FAKE NEWS, Wrapped with captivating words and metaphor, Couple of small articles with lots of eye catching stuff hovering around Social Media, For some, it’s just a good stuff to read, for other it could be a matter of their life and death #GauRakshak.Trolls will never die, Neither our desire to read the FAKE NEWS. The best way to stop this is either ignore it or see through it

But today or tomorrow The 3rd law of Newton will rise above.So Trollers Keep Trolling One day we will bounce back.

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