Abuse- the untold Story

Posted by Megha Bhatia
September 25, 2017

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They cry, but the reason is untold. The silent cry of the innocent souls can’t be heard by their parents.  When abuse occurs, their fairy tale world turns upside down into a scary movie. Little do they know what has happened to them. Even the memory of the experience haunts them. Lack of courage in the innocent souls, makes them keep it as a secret.

They carry fears in their heart and silence on their lips. The story only remains with them. The experience of abuse kills their joy of childhood.

In India as per the study conducted by Ministry of Women in 2007, half of the children have been a victim of child sexual abuse. I am afraid, is this the future we have dreamt for our children? Are we doing our bit to create a safe environment for the children?

 They have the right to know about their bodies, right to speak up for the wrong, right to have a safe and healthy life. We need to help them before their lips get stitched by the abusers.

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