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Posted by Brenda Allen
September 22, 2017

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With the advent of competition among the ever-increasing number of learning institutions around the globe, there has been a notable increase in the amount of workload for learners. This is unlike in the past where an end-term exam would suffice in assessing the transfer of knowledge from tutors to students. School life today is a lot more demanding than in previous years. Every college and university wants to remain relevant and top among the best institutions for learners. With the heavy workload and limited time, students are left with no option other than seeking for online writing papers services. Here are important facts to ponder over in the search for information about the state of learning in school and how academic writing services have come to existence.

  1. Increased student workload

The Student Academic Experience Survey conducted in 2013 through the Higher Education Policy Institute found out that 50% of students around the world have in recent times been working over 40 hours on a weekly basis. This study raised concerns on whether this was necessary to push students this much. One of the conclusions made stated that there has been about a 1 ½ hr increase of school work of since 2006.

  1. Workload vs Student Morale

The psychology of learning in school amongst students is negatively affected through increased workload. This comes with frustrations rendering students ill in most cases. Instead of academic work facilitating academic learning among students, it has become more of a burden. Media sources have reported an increased suicide rates amongst learners due to this increased workload. ABC news reported such a case in February 2010 that took place in Pennsylvania. Due to such pressure and high demands in schools for students to deliver on their assignments, there has been noticeable failure by students to rise up to the occasion. The quality of term papers has really gone down as a result. The increasing worry for pending assignments has caused many to seek for help elsewhere hence the rise of

custom writing services.

  1. A Ready solution through Freelance Academic Services

The thriving of academic writing services has been facilitated by their ability to offer up a solution to frustrated students in school. Academic writing services and academic writers have come up as a great solution to troubled students. Despite their establishment in many years ago, academic writing services didn’t not thrive due to a limited scope of work. However, technology and the influx of academic needs has seen increased growth of such services globally.

As of today, there are thousands of academic services available online that are offering help to students. Ideally, the availability of modern technology and internet has been by far a great solution to students struggling with their academic assignments. These services are cost friendly and students can benefit from high quality work while they find time to rest and do other important things in life. A professional writer service has also provided a job opportunity to unemployed graduates and can now earn a living by trading their skills and knowledge.

Academic Writing Services Vis a Vis Ethics

Evidently, the emergency of academic writing services and their use has not been without questions about ethical matters. There are serious issues linked with the buying of academic services online and working as an academic writer. This is now equated to academic cheating. The original intent of homework and other assignments was to help students sharpen their research skills but that is not the case anymore. Therefore, the abilities of the students are not being developed as expected. Well, that is the student’s responsibility to establish how they will get assistance from editing and writing services. They can use them to get model papers to help in writing their assignments instead. All the same, academic writing services online are an inevitable reality that universities and colleges have to cope with.

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