Are we Dead? Or Still alive?

Posted by Ashhar Saleem Hashmi
September 14, 2017

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Are We Dead? This question comes to my mind every time when i find that the world is not as it was supposed to be. The creator created this universe and every entity in and around the universe. But in the present time, I am still confused about whether God created us, or we created God. Violence, hatred and terrorism has taken the place where once humanity prevailed. Every single religion preaches humanity above all. All prophets taught us to be a human first and then anything else. It was supposed to be like, when someone does something wrong to anyone, we ought to be standing against the  wrong doer, the oppressor. There was once a time on this planet only, that everybody lived happily together within one territory or the other. Humans and animals lived together sharing an ultimate bond, one fulfilling the other’s needs. But that time has passed and is never going to be coming back again, because we have changed for the worst. There’s no such thing like the Devil. The devil, resides inside us only, that always resist us from doing good deeds.
I remember a story, about a great man called Solomon(Suleiman), who could listen to every living organisms conversations. In that story he was once riding on a horse with his companions following him, through a mountain/valley, when he heard a colony of ants crossing the way they were going through. So he ordered his men not to move ahead until the ants cross their way and reach their destination, so that these ants do not die after being run over by their horses. So he waited there, until all the ants crossed that way and then they again started their journey. That was the time, when life of every single organism that the creator created was considered to be for a reason. The life of an ant was even that much important. But that time has gone far away from us. That time wont be back.
Now, we have come to a new age, the so called modern era, where there is no meaning to life other than your own. On the same planet where once people like Solomon existed, is now left with no one like him. Animals are being treated very badly, and the people are treated more badly than the animals. I cant even imagine how we are still alive in this world. A chill down my spine goes when I see stray dogs getting kicked for no reason by the people, thinking what if i were born as a dog or any other animal. These earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, etc are the consequences of what we do or have done on this earth, to its organisms and to its beauty. We are not doing anything for the betterment, instead we are ruining it. Is it why we were supposed to be born? To be called as the social animal? Are we really superior among all the creature. The answer lies within ourselves. Go, delve within yourself to find out. I feel ashamed. We are not alive. We are dead. RIP Us. Humanity died and is never gonna reborn. Humanity has died a sad death.

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