Are we really humanized?

Posted by Sweta Singh
September 12, 2017

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Don’t you often ask yourself that do we really seem to be humanized or rather civilized? 


You must be thinking that why this absurd question in a society which has achieved such great advancements in science and technology. You are absolutely correct in thinking so because this question should not arise after about 6,000 years of our civilization. But, sadly we have reached a position which is questioning all our refinements.

Nowadays, our morning starts with reading those repetitive patterns of incidents happening around. Be it of rape cases, stalking cases or supporting a criminal in the name of religion. Most people say that it’s an irony that masses of people have protested against gang rape of ‘Nirbhaya’ and masses of people have also protested against the conviction of a criminal who raped his followers. But, this is not an irony but a bitter truth that in our country religion and profession related to it comes even above humanity. Now, you can think that if the criminals involved in ‘Nirbhaya’ case would have been preachers of some religion, they would have got a greater support countrywide.


It is really sad to see that age for getting married is 18+ for girls, but still we are having children of 10 or 13 years of age delivering a baby only because they are victims of lust. Isn’t that an irony?


Merely teaching boys at home about respecting women won’t create much visible difference. In addition to it, some extra efforts are needed to be executed urgently. 

  • Parents need to teach the acceptance of rejection, value of a ‘NO’ when a girl/boy utters it. Getting rejected and taking revenge should not be included in the principles of anyone. 
  • Children should get to know about the body parts, natural physical phenomenon of both the genders as a part of education so that the curiosity level does not lead to the unexpected crimes in future.
  • Education ministry should include a mandatory subject about the values relating to society, man, woman and respecting each other’s space, decision and existence.
  • Industries, factories, institutions should give free sessions on these sensitive topics just after recruitment, to their staff. Monitoring of behaviour should be in employer’s norm.
  • Religion should be in a priority lower than human values. Blind faith is a disease. Stop it from spreading.


It is not that only girls are unsafe, even boys are victims of several crimes. Now, it is high time to take a step. Start this Make A Change campaign for a humanized society we idolize.

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