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Posted by Gautam Kanekar
September 21, 2017

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downloadIt was just a few days ago that I saw the film, Bahubali 2- The Conclusion.     Now, if you speak to anybody who has watched this big screen motion picture , he/she might advise you to avoid too much usage of your brain while you watch it, for the movie is actually a fiction when it comes to the various scenes shown in the film. But if you’d ask me about this , I will suggest you to be into the movie and assume everything to be real and practically possible. The reason being , that is the way you can enjoy it to the fullest , assume yourself to be Bahubali while you drive back home and get a glimpse of the movie once again in your dreams ; not to forget , can avoid any possible boredom you might have to face otherwise. Me being an addict of historical and political tales , had an extra point to further relish the film , that too soo religiously as if it was a part of a holy scripture in the Gita.
But this was just about the amusement you can experience if you gander it with my ‘’Realistic Code Of Watching ‘’ .  Now I will come to  the main reason why I wrote this article . The movie, if observed philosophically , has a lot to subsume in our  character even in TODAY’s WORLD , where it is preferred not to always be decorous in our ways , that is , KALIYUG as we call it.
#1 So to begin with , I will focus on all the noble and characteristic principles and morales cherished and followed by Dev Sena, Bahubali and his mother and guide – Shivgami.
  • Never to bow down and compensate with your self-respect. Over here I am referring to Dev Sena’s denial to accompany Bahubali to Mahismati as a prisoner who has ACCEPTED DEFEAT . But this in no way means being egoistic. We must be aware of the gap between self-respect and ego.
  • Being particular to your promise. This refers to a honourable quality shown by almost all the noble characters in film except Bhallal Dev , his colleagues and other villainous characters in the film. Keeping their promise , whether watched or applauded for the same or not , was a highly important job for them in their life , for which they were ready to even sacrifice the dearest thing of their life , including their own life. Promising something was regarded to be a mark of full assurance and confidence and the credibility of holding highly respected posts.
  • Following all the great and grand moral principles of life . If you remember the discussion between Bahubali and Shivgami in the court before the coronation of Bhallal Dev , when Bahubali agreed to compensate with the throne for Dev Sena , Bahubali was seen giving utter importance to his mother’s childhood teachings. Being in terms of them , was a justification of righteousness in action for him. Infact , it was like following a legal code of conduct …..
  • Responsibility and duty are above every relation . This one of the most inspirational things I discerned in Shivgami , one of the most emotionally strong and caring characters in the movie. For a moment , forget that she was trusting and was influenced by the misleading talks of Bijjaldev (Bhallal dev’s son) and Bhallal deva and note the fact that in her point of view , she had with a lot burn to her heart , agreed to the claim that Bahubali was a conspirator and that too against the ceremonially crowned king of Mahishmati. In such a condition , not every mother can convince her heart to TO ORDER A DEATH PENALTY FOR HER CHILD . But being at that supreme post of Mahishmati , she was ready to bear the shock and plan a secret strategy to assassinate her son. That is an attitude for which she deserves immense respect , though in contrast of the actual situation , it was an astrayed decision .
So here is the list of PRINCIPLES I noticed in the drama . You can  further build over the list . These principles might seem to be farfetched from our methods today . But reasonably speaking , they can earn you the might and credibility of being unique . I am saying this by experience. Initially it seem a bit difficult but it can give valuable results , both for your personality , success and social image . But there has to be  limit and a flavor of pragmatism as well as a will to compensate with these in some situations , or else these can even produce erroneous results . There were a few examples for this in the movie as well . This has been explained in the next point (#2).
#2 Well even if there is a need to incorporate the Bahubali trends I have mentioned in #1 , there is a way to do that . Going way too hard with those traits won’t be very beneficial , it might result with you going too hard on your own-self when it is not safe to do so. So , let us go point by point with the same :
  • Never to bow down and compensate with your self-respect. Here I will like to replace the word Never with the word Not in the above statement . ‘’Never’’, the word can make things difficult . History has got us enough evidence that , many times , many kings have preferred to retaliate via armed force rather than a possible strategic acceptance of defeat which can politically help to resolve the matter at the correct time with peace . For eg., consider the story of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan . To approach Afzal Khan and to kill him , he first had to agree to Afzal’s army that he had made many mistakes by capturing soo many of the forts , fighting soo many wars against them and is ready to give them back . This was a sort of acceptance of defeat , but it was strategic nature . In true terms, Shivaji had not accepted defeat . Strategically he went to steps behind , two go three steps ahead .  
Similarly in the film , if Shivgami had positively accepted that her decision to promise Bhalladev about Dev Sena was a mistake , then there could have been an attempt for a possible remedy with consensus. Infact Bhallal Dev is mature enough to not act like a kid in the court for a girl who is loved and accepted by his brother . So , there was an easy solution to the conflict which would have bought the throne to Bahubali and saved the entire kingdom from the unwanted terror they had to face for years . But her Never to bow down attitude was the foundation of such a big tale…Do Kadam aage jaane ke liye , teen Kadam piche jaana padhta hain –  this is a very famous and meaningful quote in hindi , and this clearly explains my concept of strategically bowing down or accepting defeat to get back what you wanted later on . I hope  you understand what I mean  to say …..
  • Being particular to your promise . I had thoroughly explained as to how religiously do these people keep their promise . It is a matter of immense pride , credibility and dignity for them. For eg., when Bijjaldev was trying to confuse Kutappa , hiding behind a pillar while Kutappa was fighting against the troops of Bhallaldev ( in the near-end part of the film when Mahendra Bahubali had attacked the fort of Mahishmati ) , Kuttappa was seemed to have been under doubt regarding the lethality of what he was doing . For a moment he thought that he had to keep the promise of his ancestors by fighting for the king of Mahishmati . He denied the claim saying that Mahendra Bahubali was already declared the king of Mahishmati and thus, he was in terms of his ancestral promise by fighting for Mahendra Bahubali . But what if Mahendra Bahubali was not crowned the king by Shivgami ? Would he agree to join Bhallal dev ? Kutappa had to justify that he is in terms of his VACHAN even after knowing the phase of the war and what was correct and incorrect . In my opinion , one must learn to negotiate with his or her principles in some specific cases like this . Over here , there wasn’t a need to think whether he is keeping his promise or not . Nor would this be an immoral act or something against righteousness . The same factor was noticed in Shivgami’s case when she asked Bahubali to recompense with the throne if he wanted to live with Dev Sena , just because she had to keep her VACHAN with Bhallal dev . Shouldn’t it have been easier as I stated earlier if , she had opted for a positive work-out over her mistake and with a pleasing attitude had ended up the matter wisely and peacefully . But she fraught herself in the web of VACHANS to make things worse . In such cases , one must act wisely , even if it asks him/her to compensate with the nobly principles…
Note: But in no way should this become an excuse to make this a common trend to break promises !
  • Responsibility and duty are above every relation . Well, unlike the others , there are no such needs to compensate or limit this principle . This is a must . But in case , if compensating over here can help to make a huge difference without causing a comparatively larger effect on the other side , then limitations may be considered . But then that totally depends on what the case is , like – if it is the matter of somebody’s life or a great social effect that calls for a virtuous result .
Thus,  we must  live with principles , but those principles at some critical times , where being prudential can bring better and much needed results than being morally correct , one mustn’t hesitate from compromising . But what comes under  MUCH NEEDED RESULTS must be related to something about common welfare and not a misuse of the situation for personal benefits.
#3 There were many instances when Amarendra Bahubali had to face hundreds of enemy troopers , all at once. Being the hero of the film , we saw him facing the stage with what we call as JOSH in Hindi . We all saw him pulling the string of his bow with his arrow aiming right at the rivals . At that very moment , I wondered , ‘’ How will he combat them if he keeps on shooting an arrow at each one of them individually when there are hundreds who are crazy to kill him out there .’’ But the very next moment , he shot the arrow at such place that the trees along with abundant amount of water to kill all of them raced towards his brave rivals . And he got them in just a single shot . Here is an example of being full of JOSH without losing HOSH ( consciousness in Hindi ). He was highly motivated and powerful enough to react , but he kept his Grey Matter cool and calm enough to act smartly .  And this is the way we must act to withstand onerous situations.
#4 Do you remember those compelling shots of the war when the hero either Mahendra Bahubali or his son) was badly exhausted , beaten up and was busy riveting moments of the war ? Mahendra Bahubali was almost hanged to death by Bhallal dev when he swayed in his optimism and broke the neck of the horse-statue to which he was hanged and remigrated to the tough wrangle with Bhallal dev . Another shot was when Bhallal dev had pinned Mahendra’s palm to the floor with a small but strong wooden stick and he was unable to move . Then Bhallal dev began his cruel act of tearing-apart flesh on his chest with his razor-sharp fingers. As his attack started intensifying , not all would have tried to do what Mahendra did . With his wit , strength and optimism , he unimpeded his palm and snaped- back at his opponent with his tough strokes . Then consider the last fight of his father , when he was slayed down by Kutappa. Initially , Amarendra had killed many of the demon-minded men on the ground, but later he had to face too many arrows which were aimed at him  all at once , and that was a weak point for him in the war . Fighting back  soo effectively on a no. rivals all at once   when your body has been passionately pierced by soo many arrows , is not at all a layman’s job . It needs intense physical fortitude , but more than that , needs inordinate amount of MIND POWER…. And that is what these three examples seek to annotate about ……..
Clutching hard your mind power and hopes alongwith a calm mind can help  a long way to deal with such DO OR DIE MOMENTS (not just situations) . Come what may , don’t give up ! Doesn’t matter how hard it is , whether mental or physical , hold on and act  .
#5 Now, when it comes to terms like , HOLD ON , OPTIMISM , MIND POWER , ENDURANCE and the concepts mentioned in #3 and #4……. it once again brings the word JOSH  in sight , that too with much more strength this time. Consider this example : When Bhallal dev kidnapped Dev Sena and escaped Mahendra amidst the war , the son of Amarendra Bahubali was damn triggered and full of JOSH to jump – bump or do whatever that is possible to enter the palace which was full of  …    armed men , ready to datch him ….. As he jumped towards the closing palace door  , an arrow came running to his chest from the other side and in a matter of a few seconds , he found himself back on  the earth . He was then rescued from the site by Kutappa and his men . Even after facing this huge blow , Mahendra as expected was full of energy and those terms  referring to mind power which I have highlighted above . But a wise and calm Kutappa , guided him to smartness rather than  unmindful action inspired with devotedness towards the safety of his mother . He reminded him of his father and asked him , “ What do you think your father would do in such a situation ? “ And then we saw them entering the palace like space shuttle’s with the help of the coconut trees out there . This was a pure example of the employment of MIND POWER , OPTIMISM , PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ENDURANCE , JOSH along with a much needed phenomena called HOSH or a calm and a wise mind ..
Another thing that must be noted here as a precaution in regard to what is given in #4 is , even if you are high with optimism, endurance, mind power, but with a calm and wise mind , you must act according to your strengths at that very moment . Not all of us are have the superficial power like the Bahubali’s , one must think as to what will he or she will be able to practically do at that moment . When Mahendra was running back at the door of the fort after being badly hit once by an arrow , he was failing to bewith a calm and a wise mind . That wasn’t safely a strength for him at THAT VERY MOMENT .
So here I will like to conclude with my thoughts …. Live a life sustained by principles , values , moral and culture ….These will help you get some self – dignity as well as social respect and trust . But please be mature enough when to compensate with your principles and protocols and when to prefer prudentiality over morals. Having a good ideology was and is always appreciated, but practicality should be the carrier of your ideology .
Further , as I said be be physically and mentally endurant and be hopeful or say optimistic in life , specially in tough situations . These qualities will make you capable to do and face more , but when to use this capability should be guided by a calm, smart and wise mind …. So indeed , we all must revive or charge a Bahubali within ourselves , not in terms of physical strength ……. , but in terms of our personal character, social attitude and our mental strengths( I ain’t expecting anybody to begin with gym work in order to break sone walls and lift up the heavy Shiv ling like Amarendra and Maharshtra Bahubali . LOL 😊) ………..images (1)
Keep working hard , keep working to bring a change in the society , keep reading and be happy !
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