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Being Senior!

Posted by Sreemathy Bhat
September 2, 2017

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Every phase in our life is a celebration – especially the old age… Shakespeare quoted once in one of his works, old age as the stage of second childishness… Yes, it is being the child again, he has said it rightly… They are sensitive and soft-hearted just like a child… They feel everything very quickly… Be it your smile or your rude attitude, even a hard look could spoil them mentally… Before that there’s is something that I have to ask, why do we call them old aged? Are they some object to turn old as if they have some expiry or something??  Actually there’s one thought that miss all our minds… We think that being aged they are weak but the truth is they are the strongest of us all… They have a soul that could withstand any storm… They show love to whomever show a little kindness towards them… They are actually proud of who they are and what they have become… Their lives must be a scramble still they are happy and contented… They won’t be beautiful as you want them to be or catch your attention, Yes, they have wrinkles all over their face… What do you think it is, they must be the result of those long and unending laughs they had with their loved ones years back, when they were just like us, young… The hard, sad and bitter experiences must have turned them rough and weak… Now think why not skip a breath once to show some respect and drop a smile towards them!… What does it cost you? Nothing!! But to them?! Maybe a lifetime of happiness and gratitude which they would never forget to tell every other person they meet, till their last breath…! Have we become so dumb to feelings and emotions around us?? Is it that we are putting a blind eye towards everything on purpose…. That we are concerned only in our lives… 

Charity! We’ve been very much familiar with this word… But how much do we understand it?? We always think charity as something we do with money… Have we tried to move beyond that?

Maybe No, you may think what’s the big deal about it… Our primary education have cornered, I should say, charity to be helping people out with their needs and necessities… Yes, that’s perfect frame! But what are these so-called needs actually?? Have you ever thought, if giving out a lot of money could give you peace and harmony, then why are these laughing clubs and self-development initiatives flourishing?? The moment we start giving each other the space of being themselves and stop judging them by their looks, that could be the moment the world meets harmony… Give everyone the chance of living their life, Accept their differences and weaknesses and Make them realize their worth… It’s simply, Charity… When is the last time you have sit with your grandparents for a cup of tea? It was just some days back, you were comfortably seated in that heavily crowded bus and there was this Grandma, too old, still could stand on her own… But you were feeling too cozy to give away that precious space you made for yourself fighting against that crowd, Right??

Maybe we don’t see or maybe we don’t want to see the real suffering our elders undergo… A recent news report reads, ”Sending elderly to forests as tiger prey for compensation from government,” Can you believe it?? You may think it silly but it has happened, in India, where even before the alphabets are taught, children are taught to respect elders… Do these reports suggest something?? Is this going to be our future? Is this how our children are going to deal with us? We are aware of everything still we are not ready to accept anything… Who are we waiting for? Now is the time, work towards a future that will shower it’s thanks when even your shadow leaves your bedside… Give your words some exercise of being alive! Let’s open our heart more than our mouth maybe the world is waiting it’s turn!! Make it happen, for your own future’s sake!


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