Bigg Boss Tamil Moves to Final Stage – Complete Story:

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September 14, 2017

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BIG BOSS on 80th Day
Bigg Boss Tamil version comes to its final stage with seven contestants inside the house. Bigg Boss gives the task with the name of “Golden ticket to finale” to select the final contestants. Whoever got the highest points in this task will directly get in to the finals said by the Bigg Boss.

Bed sheet Stitching
After the announcement the task is give to the housemaids with “Stitching Bed sheet task” In this task the cloths of bedsheets were wrapped with balls and thrown into the garden area and housemaids collect the cloths and start to make the bed sheets. who make the bedsheet first and larger with quality and is announced as the winner of this task. And this task is temporarily stopped in Bigg Boss Tamil and the daily task had been announced.
Who’s inside the Car?
After stopped the “Stitching Bedsheet task” Bigg Boss get ready to allocate next task to the contestants with the name of “Who’s inside the Car?”. According to the task, contestants were asked to get inside the car parked in the garden area. “When you hear the buzzer sound you all nominate one person with propper reason and the nominated person will be get out from the car” said by the
Bigg Boss. Initially Bindhu voluntarily withdrew from the task because she couldn’t comfortable to sit on Ganesh’s lab. After Bindu, Aarave quit without any reason. Vaiyapuri left because of his chronic back pain and then Harish also said to not willing to sit inside the car and left from the car. The contestant of Ganesh, Suja, and Snehan are inside the car. And Suja and Snehan both nominates Ganesh to get out from the car. Then the competition getting strong between Suja and Snehan. The Bigg boss even tougher the competition between Suja and Snehan by giving the task by announcing “One leg of both Snehan and Suja will inside the car while other one is flow into the air and this is moniter by Ganesh. And the foul play by Snehan, Bigg Boss announces “Suja” as the winner. After hearing the result Snehan cries and shouted about the result.

Bigg Boss Tamil Moves to Final Stage – Complete Story:

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