blue whale challenge or challenges??

Posted by Nashra Ahmed
September 8, 2017

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After reading numerous articles, posts written on the infamous Blue Whale Challenge , here I am , with yet another one; but with a little different perspective. A game that came from nowhere and blew the internet by taking a toll on so many lives. Till now, we all have become somewhat aware or to better say made been aware about it, due to the incessant news headlines it made a while ago. It is appreciable that our government is highly concerned with the consequences and issuing orders to the states to ban the game and remove all the links from all over the internet, but there are many more things to be worried about.

In this world of the ever developing advanced technologies, we have ignored the cruel realities that this game has brought above the covers. The abysmal number of suicide cases that are making the news is extremely shameful and sad at the same time. Even if the government succeeds in debarring people from playing the game, the main issue will still be unresolved. On one side, we come to read about the teenagers becoming millionaires, reshaping the world; and on the other side, there are some, whose emotional insecurities lead them to take such steps. The innocence is lost. This shows how vulnerable today’s teens have become. The needle of alert if not only for the teens, but for the parents, the teachers and all those people, who surround them. Even they have  a huge role to play in curbing this situation. If the kids are being given an atmosphere, where they can share their problems with ease, discuss anything with their loved ones, they wont succumb to any kind of pressure. I have seen so many parents, who are extremely concerned and prudential regarding their children’s health and career , but have no clue what their kids plan for their future , how they feel about their surroundings, about their lives and if they actually give a damn about it. If in anytime in future, we are able to create such a world for the teens, they won’t succumb to the pressures of any such stupid game or anything that crosses their paths. This will be a real change in the world.  

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