From An ‘Overweight Child’ Who Has Been Body Shamed Her Entire Life

Posted by Aakriti Saxena in #BHL
September 2, 2017

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I am an overweight child who has been body shamed, knowingly and unknowingly for her entire life now. Do people really feel the pain at the other side? Presumably ‘no’, because if they did they would never indulge in such an act.

We all have been to school and cherish those memories forever. Some of us even wish to live that carefree life again but for a bunch of ‘us’ it isn’t actually the case. We detest our days back in school, we hardly have any friends from there because we were never a part of all those groups of boys and girls. Actually we were, we were a part of the jokes they cracked on the “ugly faces and not so perfect bodies”.

I can still ignore those silly schoolmates and their silly jokes today but, but what about those teachers who had the same outlook. I do not understand why we need to judge people basis their appearance. Considering my body not perfect for playing and dancing I was rarely a part of any of those activities. I was on the verge of depression or may be deep into it. I was too young to realise. I cursed my body and face and fate and every other thing in me. My school life is still a nightmare because all I was is a subject of laughter then.

It hardly matters now because I have achieved what I had to, I have a degree and a good job at hand. Bang on! I can dance and play and paint and do every other thing all of us can. Mind it, I am still an overweight. I do not regret it any longer because I know that my real worth lies inside my soul. My values, ethics, qualities are what matter. I have been successful in my job so far and have a great bunch of friends who know what I am, beyond my body. I pity those faces today. I do not detest them any longer but, I do pity them.

Can we ever stop this heinous act of ‘body shaming’ and not categorize people basis it?! It might be fun for you but cause serious damage to someone. Just think before you do it ever again! Look for pretty souls and not faces because faces might change but souls never do!

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