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September 26, 2017

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Millennials have far moved ahead of the debate whether certification in big data analytics is good for them or not? It is a known and accepted the fact that they are which is acknowledged by this demographic. But to what extent is this option viable for a person.

Let us ask a fundamental question for the benefit of all: why would one enrol themselves in a certification? There are many people who view these as mere add-ons which compliment ones’ degree, be that a bachelor’s. But with the changing dynamics in the world of big data technology, online platforms of credentialing have leant a good hand in updating the skills framework for many individuals. Data science certifications are no different in that they help advance the knowledge base in terms of languages like R, Python. Further, what one has to understand is that the job-prospects for qualified professionals are highly profitable when considered the edge that they gain over non-qualified counterparts.

Data science certifications help understand the correlation between Big Data & I.T. Already by 2018, it is projected that the number of jobs per total number of scientists available would be remarkably disproportionate. This tells the need for people to show more interest in this profession. If another interesting projection is to be believed, then by the year 2020, around 40 zettabytes of data would have been generated.

Companies are using the lure of money to both advertise and attract the best talent to their shores. And to fill the gap between more seats and a lesser number of candidates, huge in fact skyrocketing salary packages are being offered. An associate data scientist once qualified could start his/her career with an impressive package of $112,000. Senior data scientists could have a package anywhere between $114,000 to $120,000. The best-paid professionals are the ones who are trained in Big Data. A big data scientist could be remunerated handsomely in the region of $123,000 to $130,000.

It is also important to know the skill-sets that one can acquire a certification in big data analytics. Depending upon the region, the requirement and demand of skills vary. For instance, have a look at the languages, ranked in the order of preference in India:

R – 64.5% followed by machine learning which backs a vote of 60.5%. others that are wanted by the employers happen to be statistical analysis, python & Hadoop.

Come what may, the exponential surge in this profession is speculated to remain on a high for a long time to come. That’s because the tools that we currently operate on are not enough and more will be added in the future. an ideal way after gaining some tangible experience on top of a degree would be to choose a well-designed certification in big data analysis. A better way to go about it would be to see, how rigorous the training material is & to what degree does it add value to your credentials.

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