Changing trends

Posted by Sriya Kartik
September 22, 2017

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There is a very deep line of difference between dreams and reality. Fantasy is something that we connect to, or something that connects with us. Reality is what we face, what shapes us. Today’s movies, TV shows or any visual aid of communication, are showcasing a very profound change. Earlier it used to very simple- we used to have fairytale romances,  happy endings, perfectly normal people with normal lives, etc…, but now we have people with psychotic problems, unfinished love stories, poignant plots, etc… The funny part is, there were dark- themed movies being made in the past too, but they did not recieve as much attention as they are receiving now, and movies with happy endings are being treated with scorn!

What does this reflect? These trends pose a variety of questions. Do they reflect our need to try something new? Or are they showing us that life isn’t really what it seems? Or, are the appealing to us because they connect to our dark side? There is no specific answer.

One thing is for sure though. Everything around us is a reflection of ourselves, its all a matter of perspective. Maybe we should go back to the simpler times, because ultimately, life is much simpler than it seems.

La vie en rosè!

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