Chronic Coughers have increased chances of bacterial lung diseases, says Dr Deepak Talwar

Posted by Swati Bhatia
September 23, 2017

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Dr Deepak Talwar, an NCR-based pulmonologist, suggests that individuals who cough continuously for four weeks following an acute respiratory illness have increased chances of developing a malicious respiratory pathology. Quoting a recent study, Dr Talwar explains that than one-third of children in a chronic cough test done by esteemed pulmonologists and researchers were diagnosed with lung diseases that were new and severe.

The researchers stated that chronic coughing was the only symptom that would lead to an underlying respiratory illness. If left untreated, it may cause unyielding damage to the lung and invite more chronic lung infections. Chronic coughs reduce the quality of a healthy life as it attacks other functions too. Your ability to work out gets affected, thus incurring fat-buildup in your body. It also increases stress in you and your immediate family members because of the disturbance.

The test was done on children, where 839 of them were screened for chronic lung disorders, excluding asthma. About 20.4% of the set (around 171 children) were found coughing for 28 days straight. Out of these, 36 children were diagnosed with lung diseases. Mostly, bacterial infection in the lower airway.

Children received more than one diagnosis and the most common lung disease was revealed to be protracted bacterial bronchitis.  Dr Deepak Talwar defines this bacterial bronchitis as the persistence of isolated wet cough and it can be resolved with antibiotic therapy prescribed by a doctor.   

Researchers have warned that their study cannot be inferred to primary care, as this in-depth study was done in a tertiary center. “Our study suggests that when CC is present post-ARI, these children warrant further attention” clarified the researchers. According to Dr Deepak Talwar, the follow-up after discharge should necessarily include counseling of the family members and a referral to a seasoned doctor if the afflicted continues to cough chronically.

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