“Cows are safer than women in India! ” – Why compare ?!!

Posted by Gautam Kanekar
September 21, 2017

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“India is a country where cows are safer than women.” captions an article  covering a horrific case of rape and molestation.  (http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/there-is-a-99-38-chance-that-cows-are-safer-in-your-city-than-your-wife-mother-or-daughter-275608.html)
What displeases me the most over here is the discriminating attitude of the people . The fact that cows are safer than women is portrayed as a dismal and dubious point for the  society . I am not a speaker for the Hindu ideology here , I am a speaker for overall animal rights and a common public sense.
The threats regarding women’s safety is an issue I acknowledge and am determined to contribute in my ways to curb this piece of cruelty , but that in no way should be compared to the existing safety measures for cows or other animals .
Simple example, consider that we reach an age of absolute extinction of wildlife poaching activities in India  but the much needed safety of women still remains a big concern for the Society . In such a case , how horrible will it ascertain if one says , ” In India , the wildlife is safe but not women.”. This also implies for the thing with cows/cattle .
Moreover, what hepothysis in the comparison between cattle safety and women safety laws is being spread is nothing but a misleading hoax . The punishment ‘Cattle slaughter and supporting activities ‘ is 5 years alongwith a fine of Rupees 10,000 or either of them . On the other hand , cases of rape including juvenile criminals have age restrictions till three years and in other cases it is 7 years of punishment.Also if it seems that the victims has died or if any other unique specification in the case is observed resulting a much brutal crime , the punishment is more than 7 years ,life imprisonment or death penalty according to the case.
Now, here it should also be noted that what cattle go through in almost every commercial diary business , that is , artificial insemination which many times is the same as forced sex . In fact the place of conduct for this is called a ‘rape rack’ by the industry .There is no legal punishment for this inspite of the fact that continuous impregnation largely affects the health and lifespan of the animal . The punishment regarding cattle is considered in cause of slaughter , whereas women have safety from the ‘forced sex’ or say ‘rape’ alongwith punishment for murder in such cases. Now, one mustn’t find it difficult to spot the inadequacies in the theory that is sometimes passed on by some people.
Let us be happy that the cattle in India is safe and look forward to get a handle on the problem of women safety rather than unnecessarily mixing the two issues.The issue with women safety has got much more to do with implementation of laws and a better judicial conduct rather than a mere presence of a law….

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