Posted by Mansi Guher
September 26, 2017

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Since it was a super strained Sunday I was running from one place to another because that’s the only day I get from prolonged week to accomplish all the pending work, be it threading, waxing or some grocery. But there was something special about this Sunday, which I had no idea about it was Daughters day, although I don’t celebrate it with my parents being an Indian child so it was an ordinary evening for me since something happened and we indirectly celebrated Daughters day.
In the exhausted evening, my sister was craving for coffee so we decided to go to the supermarket in our locality, there were three of us, me, my younger sister and my friend. We just stepped out of our lane and we see a white car which slows down as soon as the people in it watch us, since it was a running road we were not that concerned and tried to ignore them by moving to the other side of the road thinking that they won’t drive in the wrong way but they still managed to drive parallel to us. We moved ahead and that car took left turn in as much as the speed they could, and we continued to walk laughing and giggling, hitherto we reached a point where there were no street lights on the road neither any person or vehicle, we see that same car this time in more speed comes in front of the three of us and stops, and our heartbeats could match the speed of that car and this time we started walking fast. The road was secluded and there were no lights so we see a slim guy who must be 16-17 standing right in front of three of us (stretching and making every possible terrifying yet stupid gestures) but we kept walking and shifted in the middle of road, for the god sake we encountered some light (ray of hope) from behind our back and it was a motorcycle or a scooter and they (guys in the car) changed their plan and shouted from inside to that slim guy ”Abhi Nahi, Abhi Nahi” (not now not now) and somehow we reached the shop and I instantly called up my father and told the shopkeeper as well he was very kind and initiating to help us, soon my father showed up and we all gathered together and those stupid people were there waiting for us so as we moved ahead, they stopped the car there and then and there I wrote down the car’s number, my father and shopkeeper went to open the gate and they flew the car away. I dialed the women helpline number (1090) but they told us to dial 100 so I dialed 100 and reported about the case. In the next 10 minutes, police were there everyone gathered at our society’s gate to interrogate and these guys were stupid enough to come back in our society but this time police caught them and thankfully they got arrested. They are still behind the bars but not guilty, so police are still showering them with sticks and slap and here I am wishing you all HAPPY DAUGHTERS DAY.
Reason why I term this incident as daughters day celebration because my parents stood with me and supported me throughout this regardless the kind of society we are surrounded by which no matter what, blames the subjugated gender; females everytime be it for her clothes, her timings to go out late at night, her choice, her way of smiling and even her way of breathing.

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