Decor inspired by the world around you

Posted by Sahil Srivastava
September 6, 2017

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Art offers a multitude of inspiration right from colour, patterns, and designs. It helps you escape the real world and create your own through your expressions.

Everything around us is an inspiration. The perspective with which we see and observe things around us inspires us. And this inspiration influences us to implement things in our lives, in the way we live, and the accents we use to decorate our space.

Our generation, these days, do not believe in doing the ordinary. So, when it comes to decorating our house, we tend to look for home decor online for the things that are out of the box, things that are inspired by art, things that speak art.

Navigating you through the worldly aspects that inspire you to add new dimension to your world- your home.


Animal inspired pieces into the decor is quite in trend these days. From furnishings to the accents, a hint of the wildlife can uplift the decor in numerous manners. A hint of animal prints in furnishings like bed sheets, cushions and curtains give an edgy look to the space while neutral coloured wooden figurines add to the majesty of your home. Inspired by the wildlife, an element of animals can also be put up in furniture.


Introducing plants to your home, not only revives the ambiance but also add to the freshness.But, keeping live plants may not always be a feasible option as they require extra attention and have a high tendency to die out over time. Faux plants is a way you can add both, the rejuvenating look at your convenience


Let the way of watching time, excite you. Clocks are one of the basic elements of home decor which we tend to keep simple. But how about your time inspired from the time. How about you get to see the date with time in a unique way. No more table calendars. Just a calendar speaking time.


From paintings to sculptures to architectural, Gold has massively influenced Indian art. It has not only become a part of our culture but is also deeply rooted in our heritage. Quite inclined towards this element, our admiration for it never seems to fade away. Let this love for gold be the next inspiration to adorn your space.

Woods and Rust

The oxidized and rustic look can add a dash of vintage and antiquity to your home. Unpolished wood, metal showpieces with rustic looks or crafted hardwood furniture are a perfect inspiration for artsy home decor. Introduce vintage brass fixtures or old school wooden furniture to your space for a perfect vintage art inspired look.

Indulge in the art therapy to give your space a makeover with the art inspired look pertaining to the different aspects of your surroundings. The Decor Kart has beautifully brought up the agenda of how the surroundings inspire us in the form of nature-inspired products in home decor online. These individualistic and artsy home decor ideas are ones that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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