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Do Not Feed The Trolls

Posted by Mitali Bhachech
September 26, 2017

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What harm social media has done and keep on doing is Not a new thing for people in today’s era.

Good and evil goes hand in hand. The creators of social networking sites would have not imagined that they are (indirectly)  giving birth to the trolls. They created a virtual heaven and the monsters behind innocent facemasks jumped out with all the strength which has taken a toll over the positive aspects. 

Now the biggest problem is how to limit this nuisance. Facebook profile has all your relatives majority of them are NOT your well wishers. There are plenty of ‘educated’ people who have umpteenth of time for bullying. 

I have always observed that the posts of trolls are shared in a jiffy by many people who actually know nothing about the subject or the content. They think it’s funny to pull someone’s leg.  And it’s funnier to forward it further. God only knows how this creepy mentality is funny for many!! 

We must stop feeding these trolls. The monsters which becomes powerful with each ‘like’. 

Facebook has many ‘sponsored links’. Which can be controlled by the filters.

Stop sponsoring those links which are created by trolls or is bullying one or the other.

Yes,  if Facebook is worried only about TRENDING,  then they are of no help to the mass. But if FB is seriously looking forward to limit the bullying, they definitely can stop sponsoring those links which are created by the mischievous crop of people. It definitely is a challenge to filter them out. But let’s start with the very basic contents which majority has found to be by the ‘trolls’. 

Stop feeding those monsters.

LIKES & TRENDING NOW,  are the food for them. 

Let the starvation kill them. 

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