Donate for Widows Empowerment in India

Posted by Ajay Pandey
September 12, 2017

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Widows in India

Every human being has right to live his own life. Weather is a male or female but every human has their own freedom. It is true that being a social person we need to follow some rules and regulation of the society. But at the same time this is also true that nobody can live under the shadow of society.  A family is one of the important parts of person’s family. And an actual family begins from Husband and wife. As per the Indian context   Husband is everything for women. A husband for women is her small world.  They both are responsible for each other.  And many times this relationship became a dominant relationship where a man dominant over a women. And this domination reaches to that portion of life where a woman forgets her own identity even after the death of her husband. Yes, after the death of a husband a woman identifies with the name of widow in the society.  And the condition of this widow is worst than ever.

Condition of widows in India

The condition of widow in the society is worst one. After the death of her husband life became like a hell for a women. She needs to face much opposition from the society.  She has been bound under the rules and regulations of the society.  She was strictly advice to wear white clothes, not to do any kind of any make up, to shave her head, not to involve in any function. And sometimes they even need to beg for their survival.

History of widows in India

If we originally talk about the condition of widows in India we may found that the condition of women is very pitiable in the previous society.  The biggest problem with the widows is the sati practice. Sati practice is one of the practices done with the widows in India. And after the death of husband women’s needs to be burn with her husband.  With the great efforts Raja Ram Mohan Roy even though this practice has been stop but at the same time there the question of stable them has been raise. And then many widows have been transferred to vrindawnan. And today Vrindawan is famous by the name of city of widows.

Muskan Ek Samajik Sanstha

Muskan is one the best NGO in the entire India. And we have been working for the various government projects in India. One of our projects is to help and uplift the condition of widows in India.  And for this we are working so hard.  Through our various projects we are trying to help them. One of our priority is the widow re marriage in India. Then to help those widows who has been fighting the legal battle against their own family members and there are various projects we had been working.

Today muskan is capable to help millions of widows in India. And now Muskan request you to play your part in the development of society and come forward and help us.

Muskan is the platform for all those peoples who want to give their participation for the development of the society.  And for this purpose, Muskan invites people to support as the way they want.  You can either be the volunteer or you can send the monetary support or you can even give the materialistic as well. What all you need to do is just call Muskan 9953659128.

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