DU: not for poors

Posted by Rahul Raj
September 25, 2017

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The reputation and fame of Delhi University is well known and undisputable. Specially for middle class students who can not afford foreign universities DU provides best platform in traditional courses.
But there are many quesions, isDELHI UNIVERSITY really stands on expectations of its dreamers? Does DU do justice with their dreamers? Is DU affordable for their dreaers?
Let me tell you some informations about DU. DU takes admission on merit basis on cutoff marks. After admissions DU provides hostels for very few studentd.
As we know that India has no uniform education system. There are many state education boards, their syllabus, exam pattern, and marking schemes vary state to state. There are also gap in quality of education provided by schools. Private schools have better infrastructure and teachers but only a class of students can get educations in those schools. All these factors and variations effect on marks of students, student who get less marks in his board whether he is intelligent he will not get admissions in these colleges of Delhi University. So there should be uniform admission policy based on entrace should be adopted so that students of poor class can also get admission in this top university.
After getting admission next problem is more critical. Only 15000 students get hostel in university, some some students dont apply because they can not afford Delhi. There should be hostel and fooding for everyone by university. So that rural, poor and backward students can pursue higher education and fullfill their dreams.

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