Elphinstone Road station stampede: 22 dead, 37 injured in Mumbai

Posted by Krishna Singh
September 29, 2017

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Capitalism, its political managers, touts do not need workers, peasants but profit. Profit is needed for them to lead parasitic lives, 7-star comforts, Z-cat securities (As as status symbol & security to save them from the wrath of suffering masses), bank balances, controlled media & social media to propagate Jumlas & lies and keep the revolutionary forces at bay!
Bad luck for capitalism, it cannot accrue a single paisa worth profit, despite all the latest IT revolution, mechanised production, robotisation, etc without the participation of the workers, without accruing the surplus value created by the workers!
However, capitalism has produced gigantic amount of commodities, lying in warehouses unsold & rotting and unused services! So, since 2008, economic slowdown & even crisis, its need for the workers has dwindled. In India, there are 18 Crores unemployed youths, more than double of them are in unorganised sectors at Rs 4-6000/month, without any job securities, PF, medical/emergency leave, etc! So, why should capitalism bother death or mutilation of few hundreds or thousands of workers !
Yes crocodile tears will follow, fake promises, too, will follow but they will keep killing us unhindered and even if we are alive, our life will be worse than animals, not even worth as a worker, who produce surplus values!
Deny Marxist Leninist ideology to the exploited class and yet call yourself a revolutionary? We understand traitors like you, even with natural instinct!
Inquilab Zindabad! Workers of the world unite!

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