Engineering-the most Versatile Field

Posted by Kamal Tibrewal
September 24, 2017

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If we talk about in India from day one onwards there is a concept set in Indian parents mind that if they want to see their child successful, he/she should opt Science field and in that to either engineering or medicine. However, nowadays this has become a orthodox thinking.

Talking about engineering, it is that field where some are forced to choose that or someone who dont have any other idea, there are few such people who are really ambitious towards this field. There is a line commonly said among engineering students that ‘we have chosen engineering, but engineering doesn’t choose us’ and this is true for most of the students because their dream or passion lies somewhere else.

In every engineering college there are some students present who maybe dumb in their academic part but exhibit extraordinary skills in other fields such as Singing, playing instrument, Dj mixer, Fine arts, sports, hacking, programmer, dance, event organiser, comedian, enterprenuer, content writer, innovator and many more. A term is greatly used for engineering student as ‘Jugaadu’ because they depict the one, it is said that nothing is impossible for a engineering student as they find the solution of their problem by either hook or crook.

If you are a engineering student or any of your friend is in this field then you will surely agree with me that in any University or College, the most active department is that of engineering be it in any cultural fest or any other stuff, its just because they have that potential and creativity which is hard to match by any other field.

If every engineering student think and work on their interest field rather than wasting money and time on this, they will surely excel in that respective field because we all have potential to bring that change.

P. S- I am not criticizing or comparing any educational field just expressing my thoughts in front of my engineering friends.

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