Posted by Kuntala Som
September 10, 2017

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The society is now undergoing through a tough phase of different furious and life threatening conditions, like social degradation, deprivation, cruelty, hatred, arrogance etc. In this extremely troublesome situation, the youth icon Dr. Sinchan Das give a call to the society by “THINK HEALTHY, BEHAVE HEALTHY, LIVE HEALTHY & MAKE HEALTHY”. He said, “at this present time, we are suffering from a serious pathological condition, named competition, which is responsible for this dark episodes of arrogance, aggression, hatred, ignorance, inferiority complexes, addictions, disbelieve and depression. A faulty tendency of us is to compare ourselves with others, either by ourselves or by our guardians or friends. This creates an atmosphere of interpersonal hatred, complexes (superiority or inferiority), half hearted knowledge and arrogance, these ultimately results into compromised productivity, creativity, uniqueness, depression, addiction and by this path the gross productivity of the society must be deprived.” Our social degradation is the ideal evidence of this statement of Dr. Sinchan Das. He said, it is our duty live unitedly with active co- operation. Successful and happy society is better than a successful individual. Try to do your work with love, respect, honesty, happiness and co-operation and erase the negative words from your dictionary.

Dr. Sinchan Das has become the youth icon by his unique wide thought, mesmerizing teaching power, bold admirable personality and analytical nature. He is the only Indian who has become the ‘World Health Science Champion’ in the World Health Science Championship, held at Macedonia with an unbeatable record score. He is that rare personality, who has refused many alluring offers from several companies and dedicate himself in the service of  this suffering nature.

Dr. Sinchan Das has explored the cause of this social degradation and said, “it is very easy to declare anything as false or true, but it should be borne in our mind that all changes or all deviations may not affect our daily well-being acutely but potentially damages our internal health and that may manifest as a serious problem in near future and may harm the health of our next generation dangerously.”

He also said, ‘main enemy of this society is arrogance, superego domination, half- hearted beliefs, faulty understandings, jealousy, miss conceptions and tendency to giving wrong forceful opinions. These may results into aggression, hatred, depression and loss of inter personal bonding.’ He has made a call to the society by his quote “Think healthy, behave healthy, live healthy & make healthy.” He had pointed out some duties to live healthy:

  1. Don’t scare from anything before facing them.
  2. Do everything with proper self analysis.
  3. Do not read for examination purpose, study to acquire knowledge.
  4. Read sufficient books of several different subjects.
  5. Don’t suppress your anger or grief.
  6. Always smile loudly.
  7. Don’t expect anything from anybody.
  8. Do your own work with a fixed dream.
  9. Don’t take foods for your taste buds, take foods for your health.
  10. Try to help everybody.
  11. Don’t compare yourself with others.
  12. Wear bright colours.
  13. Try to think socially, not like a selfish individual.
  14. Give some time to yourself for the purpose of self analysis.
  15. Don’t harm any of the components of this nature, because you have to face that harm in recent future.
  16. Be polite, not to be aggressive.
  17. Be analytical, not to be arrogant
  18. Be knowledgeable, not to be half-hearted masters.
  19. Be creative, not to be unproductive
  20. Be brave, not be coward.
  21. Note that, you are a genius, you have lots of good qualities, try to give hard labour, identify your potentiality and work hard.
  22. Always think in affirmative sentences, speak in affirmative sentences and remove all the negative sentences from your dictionary.

At the end of his lecture, he said a thousand dollar’s sentence by addressing the society by ‘my friends‘, “We may live individually, technically we have that freedom, but have we any authority to destroy the future of our next, next and next generations and forcefully push them into the unhealthy and polluted environment, where a child can take his/her first breath with the curse of smoking (smoker’s gene), alcoholism, cruelty, disbelieve, illiteracy, aggression, pollution, disrespect & hatred. This is the high time to come back and remove all the darkness from our beloved nature.” 

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