Exploiating students

September 29, 2017

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I am a student of Delhi University and reside in North Campus. It’s being almost 2 months that I shifted to a new place along with 2 friends of mine. We have 2 two-wheelers amongst 3 of us which is parked in the common area as told by our landlord. Time and again, we encounter some or the other damage to our two-wheelers like breaking the lock, taking out petrol or puncturing the tires of our 2-wheelers.

The recent incident happened on 29 September where the lock was broken by a screwdriver in the midnight of both two-wheelers. After being fed up by this nuance, we have registered a complaint against the suspected in Model town Police Station later in the evening. All the damages till date have cost us around 5000 which we have to bear from the limited funds we get from our families.

The reason I am writing this is not that we want any sympathy but due to the harsh behavior by the neighbor who thinks that students can be suppressed by the power of people residing there. The worst part is that the suspected ones are more than 60 years of age and are lying in front of us as if they are innocent.

Whosoever is reading this, we request that if you see any such instances in your surroundings, please support the ones who are innocent are oppose the culprits irrespectively of your relations

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