Following Fake News Publishers and Online Harassers: Modiji Tum Kamaal Karte Ho!

Posted by Rudraksh Chebba
September 29, 2017

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Okay. So here’s another attempt at speaking the truth among a ‘farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies’ (thanks Shashi Tharoor).

Our beloved PM Modiji has done it again.

Actually, not him, but a group of men ‘proud’ to be followed by the Prime Minister of India. These guys, like high-school bullies, kept adding poor soul Ravish Kumar to a Whatsapp group and abused him left, right and center.


Because he’s an anti-national Porkistani journalist funded by the ISI to destroy the image of the crusader of development and progress our country has not seen in centuries?

Now if that’s true, let’s bust the fake propaganda he runs on his show with some facts, shall we?

But why do that when we can have them raided by the CBIThat it happened right on the very next day when another journalist from the same channel removed one of your spokespersons from the show is just mere coincidence, isn’t it?

Modiji, c’mon yaar. I mean, I know it is your choice to follow who ever you want to. I have absolutely no problem with it, honestly speaking. But then, I hope we can agree that adding someone to WhatsApp group and then serial abusing that person is slightly unfair, no?

Chalo, let’s for a moment assume that these are just a bunch of over-enthusiastic supporters who just lost their shit at a scribe who’s always questioning your government. (Since when did it become a journalist’s job to ask questions?)

But then, one of these is also the same guy who called commie journo Gauri Lankesh a kuttiya (bitch), who died a kutte ki maut (dog’s death). Look, I understand it is a free country and then we all need to let loose a little and vent our frustrations. Maybe the poor guy was having a bad day at office.

Having said that, this guy, and many more like him, were busy celebrating her death on social media quoting her comments and statements (basically, she exercising her freedom of speech) as justifications for her murder.

Of course, these are just fringe elements and you following them or not doesn’t really change anything, does it?

Anyway, talking of Gauri Lankesh, a gathering at the Press Club of India was called following her death, remember? Good ol’ Ravish was busy doing what he does. Advocating freedom of speech and all that.

And while Ravish was busy talking about his so-called democratic plans, the official head of your party’s IT Cell had other plans. Our dear Amit Malviya himself shared a misleading video to bring bad name to bechara Ravish, didn’t he?

Why be so mean to me, bro?

At least we can expect your party’s ‘official’ stance to be against fake news. Which it did become, but only when your party felt it was at receiving end in Gujarat.

I’m not saying all this was fabricated on your orders. I understand you don’t get any time to look into petty affairs amidst a tight foreign trips schedule. But whoever has been doing it, I see no harm in condemning all this. Forget unfollowing, you can at least put up one choice saying you willfully follow them because they are the ‘common man’ of the country.

And maybe, jussst maybe, urge these enthusiastic souls to let a poor journalist do his job.

Anyway, I’ll take my leave now. Need to go to a funeral. Irony just died a long slow death.

And for those still reading this, I’ll leave you with a line to sing along “Modiji, Tum Kamaal Karte Ho!

5 points to those who get the melody right.

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