Food or gold??

Posted by Divyanka Agarwal
September 21, 2017

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There has always been a conflict between the choice of executing development or welfare schemes in a governance. There is a thin line behind the decision, that whether expending enormous amounts for beautification of the city and implementing ambitious development plans are more important in a state or the welfare schemes to provide the basic necessities of life. Undoubtedly on the first instance, second option is the most viable. But the question here is, at how much level had it been followed. Given the fact the providing basic necessities is a never ending process owing to the poor country we are. How far should we wait for it be be completed before commencing the infrastructural projects.

In the recent times, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, this debate has grown multiple times. I do not object on his style of working, because it is immensely productive. A lot of welfare schemes and useful projects have been proposed and as a citizen I hope it gives it due results. But what I think is not appropriate is, the exorbitant expenditure on installing huge structures, of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel( Statue of Unity ) and Shivaji Maharaj( Shiva Smarak ) in Gujarat and Maharashtra respectively. 

In a country like India where middle class people work  pretty hard just  to make their ends meet, developing and executing  such  projects are quite expensive and that too, just to improve the tourism industry is preposterous. A place where thousands of farmers are ending their lives,for the want of money and funds, such expenditure proves worthless and annoying

The Shiva Smarak and The statue of Unity ; as these two statues will be called will expend thousands of crores of rupees, Consuming lots of money, energy , time and resources of the government . Another worrisome factor in it is the danger of disturbing or rather destroying the marine ecosystem and the life ocean beings. Somewhere this factor has been and is being ignored repeatedly.

I was having a debate with a Marathi friend regarding this( Marathis’ have an extra reverence for such statues and this project, and I completely agree as Chhatrapati Shivaji has a great value in Indian history and particularly in Maharashtra). He opined that it is necessary, to sing the praise of our great leader who the people have forgotten. Is it the only way?

The statute will remind them the legacy, is what they have to say. And I am sorry but I completely disagree. Firstly  for our nation’s economy , promoting tourism is necessary I know, but India is beautiful in its own way, it has rich cultural and scenic heritage and therefore does not required any outer artificial installation. Secondly, Shivaji is not a insignificant leader that people will need his statue to remember or respect . His noble deeds and valour is already well known in the whole  nation , the same being with Sardar  Vallabhbhai Patel.

Every sector has a different expenditure allocation is what people argue . If we think on these lines, may be it is okay to have these two mammoth installations in our country. But yet looking at the rising inflation, farmers suicides and galloping fuel prices, it is imperative to think otherwise.

Undoubtedly a lot is being done for the general welfare as well. But It would be more appropriate if we focus on creating a well fed, satisfied and happy country first rather than artificially beautiful, tourist haven country.


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