From Fear To freedom

Posted by Arushi Sethi
September 15, 2017

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25thApril,2015, 11:56 A.M: The doors finally rolled up and the C180 Hercules Fighter Jet was ready for takeoff. A tear trickled downed my expressionless face as I sat there while the flashback of the last 48 hours began to appear in my mind.

I am a rescued survivor of the 7.9 earthquakewhich not only rocked Nepal and took uncountable lives, but was one the biggest natural disasters the world had ever witnessed. How would this have affected your mental health ?

I took pride in my self-confidence, my ability to bounce back from situations, the manner in whichI conducted myself, my choices, and my decision-making. But, for the first time, I was surrounded by absolute doubt.

There was this constant feeling in my stomach and recurrent bouts of crying. I turned to a human being whom, at the time, I consideredas someone extremely close to me. Someone whom I wholeheartedly believedwould understand what I was going through: my feelings and the scar the event had left behind. But, there wasn’t correct reception; the connect could not be made.

Any loud sound around me would remind me of the loud sound of the quake; it would wake me up in the nights. My attention, the ability to concentrate and be in the present moment had all disappeared.

I started to wonder are friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, or even parents really equipped to give a guided perspective to help a stressed mind?

I was experiencing post-trauma anxiety and found myself very alone during this time. I was completely surprised because even though I had so many friends and endless support systems, I realized no one would be able to help me because I needed an expert to do what they do best.

Counting my fortune of having this facility right at my feet, I turned to my mother and best friend –AnureetSethi who carries an experience of 30years as a practicing clinical psychologist who has transformed numerous lives during her tenure.This led to Trijog – Know your mind.

Psychologists are not scary people. Mental Health affects everyone differently at different times in different intensities, but we all have a mind – and there is no running away from that. So, inevitably, we all have Mental Health.

Since my childhood, I have watched my mother, AnureetSethi help individuals in improving their mental health. My mother has been nurturing a visionof a community free from the stigma surrounding Mental Health and the correct care being given to build a healthy, cognizant society and this too became my passion.

Back in 2014, in the final year of my BMM at JaiHind College, I was provided with an assignment to build a dummy company for my Ad design project. Although this project began as just another regular college assignment, this life-changing earthquake pushed me to strive towards creating a psychologically healthy ecosystem that has access to better help and started to work tirelessly towards this goal. So, I approached my mother and together, we began Trijog – Know your mind – Aprogressive mental health & wellness platform.

Trijog is a close-knit team of 20 highly trained and proficient psychologists who cater to the personal need of every client. Our dream to create a healthy and cognizant society is the fuel to our passion and drive behind Trijog.

Trijog provides Counseling, Evaluation and Therapy for Adults, Adolescents and Children, for every mental health concern, disorder or illness. My partner, Anureet Sethi also a director of the firm carries an affiliation with the Rehabilitation Council of India, certifying her sanctioned reports to grant provisions and board certifications at school level for children. Trijog recognizes itself as a ‘venting platform for minds’. Over the span of two years, has transformed numerous no. of lives in Mumbai, and internationally.

We are a Spa for the mind. It feels great to have embarked on this journey with an admirable to shape this impactful organization.

Through Trijog’s awareness vertical, we try to create impact and talk about mental health conditions that are less touched upon. Postpartum Depression is one such condition. Along with Insaniyat, an NGO that works towards bringing social development we decided to launch ‘Sneha – A Ray of Hope’ inspired by Sneha who fought through Postpartum depression but lost her battle with it, leading her to end her life. Trijog and Insaniyat dedicate this initiative to her struggle and aim to help many other women like her who are out there in the society.Through this campaign we hope that every woman will feel empowered to speak up freely about their depression and also become aware that there is help out there. Together we can help fight this stigma attached to depression and combatPost Partum Depression.

People matter. Mental Health matters. You matter. Reach out . #TalkWithTrijogWe’reListening!



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