Game of Flesh

Posted by Megha Bhatia
September 25, 2017

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Behind the window they stand, flesh to be attacked. They are stared at: seen with the desire to be gratified. The windows are like cages, from where there is no escape. The key to the cage the world holds. This time not only animals but also the human beings are wrung.

The world justifies this on the ground of satisfaction of their needs. Passerby derives pleasure from seeing them. The world tells me they enjoy it. I wonder, have you asked them? They had voices, but who cared to provide them with a listening ear; you were occupied with fulfilling your carnal pleasures.

It is like the words of the murderer saying; the victim enjoyed the murder. Every single act was like a murder of their soul. Nothing under the sun, including the sun, can justify the use of women’s body as a means of pleasure; exploitation!

Fear, emotions, and voices captured inside the cage, are waiting to be rescued. The hope they have lost. They hope we can give. The hope they miss.

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