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Headache is not real

Posted by Shilpi Bhatt
September 17, 2017

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I was going through the chronic headaches since past few weeks and I considered it as a weather-changing fault until, I read an article on stress. I do not want to be too geeky to read and believe however, I wanted to make sure that all my symptoms are similar to what I read. Moreover, my ability to prevent it made me 100% sure, that nothing can stop a willing mind and heart.

Inability to work, lethargic, mood swings, sleepy, low in energy levels, anxiety and many more all are viscous circle that capture a human body and mind and doesn’t allow it to function as it should be. Think of a day, when we wake up and see a nice email from your client or manager or any good news we would feel happy, energetic and what not. While, compare it to the day when we are overwhelmed by the work and home errands and feel stressed, feel sleepy, headache, back pain and what not. I always keep this in mind, the intensity of stress does not matter, its magnitude does not matter, what matters is how I take it, resist accepting it, facing it and finally repel it OR, prevent it in advance so it doesn’t come along.

Million-dollar question is how to prevent it? Answer is in these two lines. When I was 15 years old, I read a thought in a wall calendar – Man does not get tired of his work/errands rather tired of thinking of work as burden. Today this makes complete sense to me.

I realized it; it may be after I suffered from chronic pain for days, after taking migraine medications, not giving my 100% at work as well as home. My headache was not only painful for me however, more painful for my family. It gives me goosebumps and I am sure that I cannot live like that. One day, I realized that this is enough, having a headache occasionally is OK but not every other day. I started walking, exercising, thinking about positives, helping poor, decorating the house, writing, sketching, creative work, reading, meeting friends etc. any activity that gives me immense amount of inner happiness and things that allows me prioritize what is important to me. I read somewhere, if adventure is dangerous, try routine it is lethal. I am not very disciplined person however; I followed few things that is really helping me in preventing my headaches, waking up early, sleeping on time, cutting beverages, meditation, focusing my mind in things I love and like more than other and yes the final is keeping calm.

If anybody wanted to have a fresh start, today is the day, start from a very moment. I must write this thought here that I heard long back and its true – Life is 10% how you make It and 90% How you Take It. Thinking positive leads to positive aura around you and hence, comfortable and happy. Happiness leads to fruitful results. The purpose of writing this article is to let everybody know that it is a fact that prevention is better than cure. Try for 3 weeks and see the results as I saw.

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