How India And Pakistan Can Improve Their Relations

September 29, 2017

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The Tussle between India and Pakistan in the United Nations General Assembly of 2017 has remind me a last scene of famous Bollywood film in which father told her daughter- “Ja Simran  jaa jee le apni jindagi”.

The relationship between India and Pakistan in the last 65 years , is just like a typical Bollywood love story. The love story in which the citizens of  both the countries like to mingle but the guardian (authority) doesn’t want it .The people of both the countries wants peace, economic prosperity and economic cooperation between both the countries but how will it happen?

If European countries can solved their centuries old blooded factionalism then why can’t India and Pakistan. It can be done through many ways:-

1.) Kashmir:- It is the most important determinant which is affecting the India and Pakistan relationship in the last 67 years . I understand that it is not as simple as a plain white and black paper but the people of both India and Pakistan should have to understand that the world is not going to solve this problem and and the war to invade the other’s territory is a daydream in the contemporary era. India and Pakistan should work together to settle this issue.

2.Terrorism:- The second most important factor which plays a pivotal role in the relationship between India and Pakistan must be deal in a transparent way. A machinery consists of all stake holder should be installed and worked together to deal with the terrorism.

3.Propaganda:- As we see  in the United Nations general assembly of 2017 , the countries should must refrain from this types of propaganda even within the country.

5.Bilateral exchange:- Both countries must involved in a bilateral exchange whether it is cultural , economic or even military exchange. India and Pakistan should produce films together as India and China has done through agreements.

I thinks these whole issues can also be solved by the creation of a Bilateral Organization  which covers all the dimension like economy, culture,military and Kashmir issues.

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