How much cleavage is good?

Posted by Hardik Lashkari
September 4, 2017

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Have you ever thought how much cleavage is good to show? How much cleavage is good enough that won’t arose the pervert feelings?

There would be different personalities in an office – that accountant who loves seeing ‘meaty skin’ or may be that manager who can’t discuss any matter without inspecting that narrow line in a girl’s top – no, no they aren’t kinky or pervert, they are just testing whether that narrow line is really narrow or the girl has artificially narrowed her line.

I think girls should wear collar bone high neck in the office or may be curtail neck topper – is that the correct place to show your cleavages and all?

Are you going to gym to lose your weight or just maintaining yourself? Ok, you can go and do all those exercise, but at least wear safari neck or something so that your cleavage doesn’t become a sex motivation for others.

If you are at crowded place and its evening time – you need to double check yourself twice – you should wear that polo neck topper because if you show even an inch of your asset – who knows that night, another nirbhaya incident may take place.

When you go to club, it is advisable to cover yourself the most – may be use a scarf to cover yourself fully – because club is the most dangerous place to arose somebody’s feelings.

In a conflict of cultural feminism and modernization, it is us as teenagers who remain most confused.

Whatever is learnt is learnt by surroundings. I was watching a movie another day – a very gorgeous actress is talking to the actor and suddenly reminds him to see her eyes, not her cleavage and the camera rolls out on her cleavage, almost scanning her assets deeply. The camera rolled back to actor’s eyes and the whole incident changed into a funny scene. How funny is it? The actor closely scanning actress’s breasts and sensor board passed this scene without cut – because if this was cut, Bollywood would have again stood in favour of “freedom of expression”.

Remember that song, “Fevicol se” where Mrs Kareena Khan flaunts her cleavage and the camera keeps rolling on her cleavage giving a perfect look to spectators and actor keeps getting attracted towards her. This way, our movies indirectly exhibits the fact that cleavage is nothing but a trick to arose sexual fantasies of males.

I am not against any such cinema and I believe we all have a freedom of expression. But, whatever thinking is rooted in our minds for females and their ‘assets’, this needs to be changed.

We have objectified the females – pepsodent attracts her, fragrance of perfume sensualises her and condom just makes her mad for sex. We have always thought females just as a combination of breasts, vagina, lips and ass to die for.

Why people often forget that Kamasutra – the biggest sex tale was written in India. Temples of Khajuraho form a significant part of our tradition. Why don’t we accept that cleavage is also a human part just like nose, eyes, lips and hair. Women have the cleavage so they show it – now either males feel jealous for not having it, or they else they know the reason of scanning those cleavages so deeply as if they are going to tear them apart, if given a chance. Let’s accept that they are women and they are born with cleavage, so if they flaunt it, they do it because they have it.

Although I do not support massive cleavages shows or wearing such tank tops which unnecessarily show girls’ cleavages, but even after dressed decent, if the cleavage or any part for that matter is displayed, it doesn’t mean she carries a tag of ‘interested in sex’ or ‘body for sale or full entertainment’ with herself. Respect her!

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