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how three mandatory internships in engineering will help students?

Posted by Vaishali Manhas
September 27, 2017

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Our beloved Engineering colleges, are producing numerous engineers graduates every year, but do you think the conventional knowledge and wisdom provided by the college is enough to meet today’s industry standard?

Most of us have a perception that there is job security when we will have engineering degree but still, how many seniors batch students actually got placed last year? There are so many unemployed Technical brats with professional degrees.

What is the reason of unemployment and how it can be solved?

The major reason behind the unemployment of engineering students is the lack of experience and practical knowledge due to which they are unable to meet the demands of hiring companies. As there are more candidates, than the vacancies, so students need to be highly skilled and professional to get employed after college. So they must prepare themselves during the degree to meet the cut-throat competition of getting good jobs.

According to AICTE data, only 6.96 lacs students out of 15.87 lacs students at 10,328 technical institutions get jobs through placements. The compulsion of summer internships has so far only been followed by reputed engineering colleges leaving many graduate engineers at a disadvantage due to lack of experience. AICTE also revealed that less than 1 percent of the engineering students take up summer internships.

So, in order to bring more employment the Ministry of Human Resource Development has made it mandatory for each student to complete a minimum of three internships during their under-graduation.

Benefits of doing three mandatory internships in the course of engineering:-

1. Gives you the practical knowledge of your academic knowledge:-  College only provides you the theoretical knowledge, but while doing internship in an industry you can actually convert that theoretical knowledge into industrial skills. Interns are often given specific individual tasks and responsibilities, as well as being designated roles within a team working on a project, which will enhance their industrial skills. If your card plays right and you are at right place at right time and doing right things you can even have an offer letter in the same company.

2. Building Industrial Contacts:- Internships are an excellent way to expand your list of contacts, from university-based lecturers and tutors to people who are currently working in the industry. Most of the internship will enable you to work closely and develop professional working relationships with a specific manager and team within the organization, as well as meet a range of people in other departments and outside the company.

3. Helps you in Resume Building:- The graduate job market is incredibly competitive, so having a full resume that includes actual industry experience is sure to be a valuable asset. It has the potential to make you stand out from the competition. Having a number of internship experiences will show that you are keen to gain employment in the industry and will also indicate to employers that you have the right skills and enough experience to take on a permanent paid position.

4. Help you to decide the list of potential careers:- Internship really give you a chance to decide, whether the field is meant for you or not, or which field is best suitable to you where you can derive your maximum output, that will help you to choose your job field very well after engineering.

Now, when you know the importance of internships, the second question arises in mind is Which Internship to go for?

As we all know tech-industries are at rising scale and in tech-industries especially the growth of digital marketing is going upwards, because now every business needs the online presence. It is the best platform for marketing because quality audiences are available online, if properly targeted. So Digital Marketing is something that is the requirement of all growing companies, start ups and even the well settled businesses too. And you know what? The main advantage of learning digital marketing skills is that, there are very less people who have knowledge about digital marketing.  As it is something fresh and new in industry, so competition is also less and opportunity is more. So Digital Marketing Internship is good option, where you can work on your skills which will obviously help you to grab jobs in companies, or if any case, you want start up of your own or want to boost your family business, it will help you to grow your own business to reach it out at the perk of success.

There are many institutes and companies which offer internships in Digital Marketing. One of the companies which provide internship in Digital Marketing is Elysium Net Solution. It is providing internship since 2014 and has empowered more than 3000 students across 40 colleges in India into the Blogosphere and Digital Marketing Industry. Through their Online as well as Offline programs, Elysium Net Solution has been educating students about the methodology and the possibilities of Digital Marketing, e-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Based Businesses, and the Growing need of Skills in this sector, to guide them with these skills in getting good jobs in this sector or becoming eligible to expand other businesses through the Digital media.

After ENS Digital Marketing internship you can go for SEO Certifications, Content Marketing Certifications, Google Analytics/ Ad Words Certifications, PPC Certifications anytime which will not only add value to your resume but will also expand your skill sets and vouch for your expertise.

 It’s never too late then before, so gear up and start learning Digital Marketing now and contribute in new industrial revolution.

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