Posted by Hely Shah
September 25, 2017

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This dialogue from movie BABY describe the life of INDIAN ARMY. Indian Army is the third biggest army in the world and the most important part of our country. The one who fought for our Independence, who defeated against china and defended Sikkim in 1967, who went to Pakistan to attack terrorist, who proved every time that they don’t care about their life. Media always portrayed what Indian army did in war, how they broke out war, how they did surgical strike, etc. but we never came across the brighter side of Indian Army. What do they do in their peace time (when there is no war/ no war time), how they enjoy with their colleagues and what makes them happy.

Mr A.K JHA a retired colonel, who served 42 years to our country. He is engineer by profession and army by passion. He joined Indian Army in the year 1968 and retired in the year 2010. Since 2011 he is a military trainer. He provides training to young man who aspires to become an army. He was also part of many wars including Kargil war, 1999. He shared his memories and happiness on border.

Mr. A.K JHA said they used to practice their hobbies on border. Every Army man use to have 6 hours of duty from 24 hours. After training and duty, if they have time to do any activity, they use to practice their hobbies in that time. Although it was difficult for them to adjust due to hectic schedule but still if they have time for 5 minutes they used to practice their hobbies. His hobby was to read books he uses to carry books with him and whenever he gets time he used to read books.

Also, they use to entertain each other by playing different games. They used to play dharmshalas, antakshari and various other games. There was competition held on the border, where all the soldiers in the camp used to play games and there were prices and punishments as well. Also they used to tease and trouble the soldiers who are on duty by tickling them and used to scare them by making different voices.

Further Mr. JHA said, it was mandatory for everyone to wake up at 3am as their training used to start at 4am and everyone should get ready by 3:45am and report on the ground. Beginners didn’t have this habit to wake up at 3am and it was difficult for them to wake up at 3am, so their seniors use to throw a bucket of water on them but at the same time they use to take care that the water is too cold so that from the next day onwards they wake up early.

When it comes to sharing happiness to army of neighbouring country, they do share their happiness. They don’t consider them as friends and nor enemy. But when it comes to sharing Indian army puts the step forward. They used to share some memories with them as well as they share sweets on some occasion or festival. They also share some food with them if there is shortage of food.

What about celebrating festivals. They celebrate every festival like a normal citizen does. Weather it is religious festival like Diwali, Holi or Raksha Bandhan or National Festival Independence Day or Republic Day they celebrate each and every festival. MR. JHA said, every festival is memorable for him but the most memorable festival he ever celebrated on border was in Arunachal Pradesh. During Diwali he and some of his friends decided to celebrate Diwali on border. They bought fire crackers and some sweets from shops and distributed them on the border and shared with Bhutanese soldiers as well. And the most interesting part was their head was unaware about this and when he came to know he also joined them. Also, he said that they are happier when they receive letters on festivals from their family and citizens appreciating their work and showering their love.

Also he said, on their free time they are allowed to use their mobile phone (only to play games and watch something related to news) and if they have facility of electricity then they are allowed to watch Television (for limited time)

This was some happiness and memories MR. JHA shared and he ended up by saying that if he ever gets a chance to go on border and serve the nation again he will definitely go there.






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