india’s future is in danger…

September 18, 2017

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schools are in danger!!!

I’m shocked to see the news regarding students that 3 juvenile’s rape minor girl for 10 months, and another news that 4 students held for mobile snatching.

But question is How come students got shelter for committing such bad deed for 10 months where the schools authorities are have gone.

Schools are losing their responsibility in nurturing the upcoming generation which is the future of the state and nation the concept of education is to fulfill the needs of the society and The main concept of Education is to educate and make the students more responsible to know their rights and duties towards ones family, society and towards motherland.

Education is to provide the students required knowledge, technique, skill and information that can be useful to oneself and society.

Instead school management is making students not responsible but machines in which there will be no feelings and respect towards others hence schools students are held in such disgusting deeds like rape and other malpractices,

As we all known that mother is the first teacher, we request all the parents to take care of their children with morals and ethics not with the new smart phones.

The movies also playing main role in making minds of students,

If Government is much worried about development then it shall concentrate on two sectors like EDUCATION and HEALTH instead of Alcohol which is mother of evils


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