Inequality inside the cloak of equality!

Posted by Saro Jos
September 27, 2017

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Most of the times in my life I’ve got this undeniable force to define myself in a parameter of gender. That’s when I started to look around and see through the microscope used by people around me to look at the world. Yes it was so dusty in a way that it could’t be separated from what is real and what is unreal. Everyone forgot creativity, kindness, and joy of togetherness. It was all about back stabbing, judgement, and forceful assigning of roles which has been passed on from many generations. And I guess, I was also unknowingly falling for it. A way of defining others through that so called cultural ordered spectacles of right and wrong. Then it was a call for fighting for the suppressing women society. Everywhere it was like they were sacrificing heads for a better balanced family or career or relationships. An urge of empowering women and bringing out the hidden gifts of them. And each men was meant to be viewed as a raper or criminal when that spectacles fitted in well on my eyes. We were taught to be a watchman of our own bodies. Then the question of equality came in and swished away the beliefs I had!  Hey, if equality is about being equal then how can we push up just an end and stomp the other for the sake of becoming equal. Let it be men or women in any end. In our country, if women face physical attacks, what about the emotional attacks faced by men. When I say men, I would like to define men, who literally believes in the real meaning of equality and get crucified just because of some other low esteemed deviants  among them. So if we are choosing to see the world and understand people around us, why let’s just stop using spectacles with categories and use more of an independent spectacles which has just one parameter of understanding, ( not judging people ) which is HUMAN. I guess the more we go for the realization of that one single parameter, the more we grow equality not as an idea but as a way of our living/thinking/understanding. Let’s help each other for growing to be more of themselves in their best version, no matter that human is he or she!! Then, equality won’t be a segregating element but an unifying force.

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