It’s normal

Posted by Sindhu Bhargavi Reddy
September 9, 2017

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I am a person who is generally not so cautious about my weight but like being healthy and fit .My fitness is not defined by my body type . I being body shamed many times have this one experience to share which is engraved in my memory . The younger ,childhood version of me never thought of fighting back against body shaming done by my own cousins and friends because whenever I went to my mom telling her about something said about my size to body shame me she would always say “It’s normal beta …That is just for fun ”

I have grown up hearing this sentence a lot many times from many people .But when I came to college I started noticing that everything like beauty and intelligence etc. were judged by the filter of my body type .I could smell the mysogny of having to prove myself by my body type .Though I was carried away by these things for some time and started blaming myself for not fitting the standards of the society but then I realized…IT’S NOT NORMAL.So I have accepted myself as I am and happy with what I am today . The only thing I would like to tell all the people is “Try for a fit and healthy lifestyle but not for a specific body type because that would never be enough for this society of double standards which lives in ignorance saying “It’s normal ” and treats body shaming as fun.”

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