Posted by Iram Jahan
September 3, 2017

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We have embarked upon a journey,experiencing numerous emotions,the taste though different taught us the similar lessons that shaped us.Although everyone’s got the right to speak up,to stand up,to create something that they desire to, yet there’s one thing that stopped them,called “THE MONSTER SOCIETY”.

Look at yourself, try and figure out,the times you have stopped someone and questioned them of their own abilities and the possibilities.We have become the limited editions,and lost the patience which is now retarding our growth.Why don’t we realise ‘It’s not us,it’s you’,we have forgotten that an individual with many more individuals has made a community,and named it, society.It is the thoughts of an individual,which nurtures a society.

I’ve been one of those kind who workshipped the thoughts of society,it became my priority and no one was above that.But,to be sincere,the change in education system,the democratic rights that we have, continuously transformed everything.I as an individual has grown up ,thus embracing change gave me the real happiness,the real version of me.Yesterday, I thought a thought but the thought i thought wasn’t the thought that has to be thought,basically i had the blurred vision of everything but now everything seems perfect.There shouldn’t be any shame in BEING YOU,the you has the capabilty to bring about a change in the society,by breaking the sterotypes people have.

Be a star,one that brightens up when darkness overshadows and emit light of hope, because there are many who are in need of that hope to start their life again,with tremendous amount of energy.Let your dreams fly,fly high in the sky, in the pool of uncertainity.

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