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September 13, 2017

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Jatin Das

India as a nation possesses a very different history of struggle which had fearless youth who envisioned India’s freedom on specific philosophy of politics which stood for universal brotherhood and equality. Jatin Das is a name among them whose passion gave new turn to freedom movement and tactics of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA). His conviction compelled the flag bearers of dominion status to change and transform it to Complete Independence. On 88th martyrdom of Jatin Das, two important events deserve to be recalled.
On 13th July 1929, before starting the Hunger strike with set of demands, Jatin Das said,
“By venturing on his strike, we are plunging into a prolonged ordeal, which is far more challenging than the fight with pistols and revolver…it is far easier to die of a police bullet or by going to gallows then perishing away ‘iota by iota’ inching towards the demise; and once having entered into the arena, to retreat there from would be prejudicial to the esteem of the revolutionaries…
Day by day, Jatin Das began to slide towards death little by little: as he was declared pneumonic by British doctors. With passing of every moment that carried him towards the martyrdom, the lines of firm resolve deepened on his face. On 62nd day, his health was at worst point. He got surrounded by his Comrades, heard the song of Nazrul Islam, “bolo vir, chir unnat mam sheer” ( Say O, brave warrior, may my head stand erect).That night he talked with all till late night.

Newspaper Cites Martyrdom of Jatin Das

On 63rd day he, stopped talking, hands-feet got swelled, eyes remained shut. Doctors came and tried to give an injection but as soon as they began to apply spirit holding his hand, he opened his eyes and with a hoarse throat said, “NO”, in a frightening voice and with it doctors moved back in awe.

Message from Family of Terence Mac Swiney

After sometime he shut his eyes forever. Doctors stood in a row and bowed their head and the Superintendent of Jail removed his cap in respect and gave a military salute. His last journey witnessed colonial India’s one of the biggest gathering of people of more than 5 lakhs. Subhash Bose led the procession. Even among the most notable tributes was of Mrs. Mary ScSwiny, the widow of Legendary Irish Revolutionary, MsSwiney who laid down his life after record of 72 days of hunger strike in 1920 .

In this manner it will be more appropriate to consider Jatin Das as an unique star of India’s freedom struggle. His conviction, clarity and sacrifice is of highest category and is no less than an influence for youth section of our nation. This zeal remains the need of the hour to get imbibed, instilled and get on ground to act. Still Jatin Das remains an unsung and unwept hero whose ideals are need of today’s India. Last message of Jatin Das to his younger brother Kiron Das is worth recall where he said- “ you are more an Indian than merely a Bengali” Today’s divisive politics by ruling class can only be countered by inclusive idea of India for which Jatin Das gave up his life!


Long Live Jatin Das

Long Live his Martyrdom!

Long Live Revolution!

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