JNU , BHU and other Anti-nationals?

Posted by Tushar Chaudhary
September 26, 2017

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Another incident about beating of students within student campus , another incident of humiliation of right to speak , another incident of killing of voices of people by pressing them under the pressure of power.

But whats the reason for it ?

Some say politics , some say its corruption, some say its lack of cultural value .

None of them provide a solid answer to the fact that on the whole
Its a general people being beaten up for questioning the authority . 

But who is to be blamed?

now let me devide it in three parts

These are the part which are creating all the issues. Let us get in detail.


Indians after 70 years of independence haven’t been able to digest the fact that they are able to rule a nation as a public all by themselves. Its creating a horror in them because people are afraid of taking the responsibility , and we are made this way as we have adopted whatever our history left with us . The 

In India people of generation before us , were slave by mind , afraid of taking decision , all the major decision were taken by their parents or society and by some elders . Decisions like what they should study ?, what career they should opt? and whom they should marry ?.

After globalisation our generation came , we had access to world , we saw foreign culture Who had set of better moral values including Honesty , dignity , and respect for fellow humans . But biggest thing we had was an ability and resources to question .


Generation before us grew in an environment where everything was acceptable which was said by any elder or a person with stature and position of any sought . It can me a senior male member of the family or any politician. Questioning was prohibited .

Also Power’s lust follows from one generation to another . Remember how our seniors used to bully us on the pretext of that they too were bullied . They saw a minor portion and significance of power on them and the lust grew among them . 

But how are our generation not following same age old tradition?

Because we had oppurtunity to question .

Not from our parents or people in power . But from people wiser than them . 

Google solved this problem by making all the data acessible to us . Now we dont hear the opinionated version of our teacher or our parents or any elder . For ex. If we ask our teacher about Shah Rukh Khan , he will tell his perception about him . 

But google won’t 

Now this gives us a full and wider view than our previous generation.

Same goes with any type of technology our generation had .



This is the section of society still dominated by people having opinionated view and lust for power. They have never questioned if anything wrong happened and closed their eyes . But when they get in power , suddenly somebody rises a question and this strikes a alarm .


We need to know few things , we as a nation are new generation of Bhagat Singh and Gandhi . Questioning what we think wrong and expect and answer . We might be wrong but its our duty to raise our voices and opinions .

The nation is free but people are not . They are trapped ,not by a government not by any other person or society but by our own slave mentality .


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