Karkhana – Odisha’s First Makerspace and STEAM Education Centre

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  1. About “Karkhana – A Makerspace & STEAM Education Centre”

Well, Karkhana is a MAKERSPACE, and we like to call ourselves Karkhanites. We are a bunch of tech enthusiast who loves to make things and figure out creative hacks from other stuff.

In brief, KARKHANA is the modern day tree house. I believe anyone reading this wouldn’t have expected such a short answer, but this is who we are.


  1. How did you come up with this idea and why this name?  

Some incident happened, so I will tell you the story of how this idea popped up in my head and the way we settled with this (KARKHANA) name. One day a father and a child came in this place looking for some help with his son’s science project from school. We helped them out to make it from scratch, and that’s it. The work was over but something kept lingering in the back of my head. I was thinking, what if I can provide people a platform where they can come and make something useful, that’s still not available. Or what if, it’s just space where one can freely craft their imaginations into objects of the showcase, wouldn’t it be nice.

As products come from factories, so does ideas from the human mind. Thus KARKHANA the name.

  1.  Difficult was it to get started?

Well, everything is difficult to start with, but with time you gain momentum and things sort to ease them out.

Earlier people had no idea what maker space or tinker labs are, and still, a lot of people have no idea about it. People, still don’t believe that such things do exist. So lack of knowledge amongst the public was and still is difficult for us to get started with.

Time is one’s greatest assets and if one needs to start something new, something out of the box; it’s going to need time.

  1. Problem “Karkhana – A Makerspace and STEAM Education Centre” solve?

I think this question urges for the most valuable answer. I might get off-track a bit to answer such a question. Today a lot of things are made but very few are created. Let me help you out understanding it a bit better. Take a look at a phone that you are holding in your hand and then have a look at the one that existed about 20 years ago. I believe you can notice the big difference that you see. A lot of things have changed with time.

Now have a look at the education system. It’s the same since your great grandfather was born. The classrooms have the same old style. Benches and Tables arranged in the matrix arrangement and the way the teachers teach. The subjects have not changed since the dawn of the education system but technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds since then. Now does anyone realize these facts that if one does not learn new things how they can create new things?

We just don’t look towards bridging educational inequalities with time, but also look forward to bring forth the young inquisitive minds, mentor entrepreneurial talents and provide a substantially better platform for all artistic minds.

  1. About Karkhana Team (Who are the founders and key team members).

Karkhana was initially founded by Siddharth Bhatter and eventually, over time a lot of people joined Akash Verma, Rahul Kumar Anand, Himanshu Vishwakarma, Rahul Barnwal, Pavel Biswas and Sayon Karmakar. You can know more about our team by visiting our website www.karkhana.club.


  1. What are the different challenges you are facing for operation?

As I said earlier that initially it gets difficult to start with but once you get momentum, there is no looking back. We are mostly set with our operations but to be real frank we are looking towards an extra push for the time being.

  1. Your vision and mission

Our vision and mission are to help the people grow and make the dream ‘make in India’ come true.

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